Saturday, 15 June 2019

10th-16th June

What a week of showers and rain but where would we be if we didn't have them, there would be no flowers
This week was British Flower week and to celebrate I thought I would share with you some photos of how I'm inspired by flowers.

A peony from my Mum's garden

Sketch an idea for embroidery

Embroidery on my jacket
which I had to wear this week with all the showers we had!!

Monday, 10 June 2019


'The day on which an important operation is to begin or a change to take effect.'

The  6th June 1944 when the allied forces invaded Northern France by means of beach landings
in Normandy. My Grandee helped engineer the harbours at Mulberry, lest we forget.
One lady who was working for USA Vogue at the time as a photographer found herself over there and so began to take images of what was happening.

Her name was Lee Miller well worth looking up and looking at her photos.

This one is actually of her in Adolf Hitler's bath tub 1945!!
We all need to be thankful for what all these people did focus to have today.
Made me think of some vintage dress ideas to share with you.

Some inspiration for today as I'm sewing away.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019


I have a bride named Chelsea and I’m working on her veil this week and I absolutely love watching Chelsea Flower show, flowers are a passion of mine. So I thought I would show you how I’m inspired by flowers in my work.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Round up of the week

The week started with the news that Doris Day would no longer grace us with her presence. If you watch her style through the years it just shows have today we are still influenced by her style.

Doris Day’s style is often overlooked, but it’s referenced in fashion to this day. She may never have had an Hermes bag named after her but Doris Day, who died on Monday age 97, had a fashion ‘look’, co-created by some of Hollywood’s’ legendary costumiers, that has never required mothballs.
Every summer, women reach for the kind of starched cotton shirts, cropped pedal pushers, bucket hats, trapeze jackets and twirling Fifties skirts that we associate with the Hollywood star who understood the power of clothes far better than we ever gave her credit for.
She was 5ft 7" with dancer’s legs, a tiny waist, blonde curls and bright sapphire eyes and an enviable figure, what all of us long for.

However life passes us by and our wedding day was probably that best day of our lives when we looked and felt our best. The latest Royal Wedding dress didn't fail to impress!!

Lady  Gabriella Windsor arrives 
at St Georges chapel with her dad.

Thomas Kingston with his stunning new wife.
Noted the headband and the detail on the neckline.

The "first Dress"had the most incredible detail.

The first of her four dresses designed and made by Luisa Beccaria, the Italian designer and her team was exceptional.  It had a fitted bodice, a generous neckline and long, sheer lace sleeves with embroidery that continued to the hand, almost like a glove. The royal also had a six-metre veil, made from several layers of pink and white tulle in the same shade as the dress, held together by small, hand-embroidered flowers. 
She said " I'm thrilled with the stunning result of the artistry." The dress took around five months to make and only required three fittings – one in Milan, and two in London. Luisa said: "My tailor is good at taking measurements and it fitted very well from the beginning, but she lost weight, like most brides, so we had to take it in."
I just loved the lace and intricately embroidered detail. Its difficult to pick up on what could see with a brief look.

If only I could see the embellishment 
close up!!

The flower girls dresses had the same detail on the necklines.

Detail better in this photo 

The raised worked on top of the lace looks like beadwork in rows
and then the edge of the sleeves and the waistline had
embroidery work with a Celtic swirl notion as on the hemline.

Can't not mention Pippa's outfit it was a definite winner ,
and Eugenie looking stunning with the delicate black lace layers.
Fergie's sleeve frill was great and the colour on her with the
flamboyant hat, but that length!! even made her tummy look worse!!
 She seems very excited about weddings,
chat is she might re marry Prince Andrew!!

The last royal bride wowed in a black lace layered dress.

The Brides Mother looked fabulous as always.
These days, there is a  huge trend for brides to wear two dresses and the royal did just that, changing into her second dress at the reception. The blonde royal switched it up, wearing a sleeveless, floor length white tulle dress, which was embroidered with mother of pearl.

The first Dress was my favourite, which was yours?

Second Dress, looks like Nottingham Lace!

Monday, 13 May 2019

Be Inspired and Inspire others.

It's not possible for me to share what I'm working on as mostly it's top secret until it's Big Day.
However it's nice to be inspired and to inspire others.
I have this post of my Instagram for joanne_ferguson_bridal you will have seen them if you follow me.

However I also I have an Instagram account at  embroidery_inspo which I try to encourage you to have a go at embroidery yourselves.
I noticed the dandelion's at the road side and this is what I came up with when translated. Not really something suitable for a wedding dress yet!! However you never know what way this will inspire me in future.

I was watching the BAFTA's last night and I heard Joan Bakewell give her acceptance speech, very inspirational. What I took out of it was that we were put on this earth to create. Often humans seem to think of procreation but this time it was more open for those of us who have not had our own off spring to be inspired to create beautiful things as artists. What about the fashion at the awards, well I loved the bright vivid colours, emerald green, sapphire blue, and a bit of this one and that. I always like something bright and different. Loved the cut and classic elegance of the Suzanne Neville dress worn by Keeley Hawes.
In contrast here are some photos of a quirky different ensemble I did for myself.

Also my dad had reordered the programme about Mount Stewart, Home Ground, naturally I loved it. I was fascinated by the piece about the Black bees native to Ireland and the Ladybirds being a sign of Good luck. That notion will definitely inspire me for what I working on at present!!

Its my birthday this week and so that means Balmoral Show, pink blossom and get ready for Chelsea Flower Show!!

Monday, 6 May 2019

Christening Robes made in Northern Ireland

I’m so lucky, some of my former brides ask me to make them a family christening robe. I believe when I make a christening gown it is an heirloom that will pass around the family and pass to the next generation.
Spring as sprung this year I have had robes back for more names to be added to the petticoats and new robes, one has even managed to be on route to America.
It seems funny but some years ago one of my brides, whose profession was a psychiatrist, said to me ‘Do you ever find it hard to part with your work?’ At the time I knew that as I was making the piece for my client I was happy to see them happy to take it. However recently with the robe that was going to America it was the first time I was having trouble parting with it. All I can think was that I hadn’t meet the person it was for, but thankfully the lady taking it to America completely made me forget that anxiousness when she gave me a big hug!!
Here are some photos.

PS! I won’t start a robe until I know the baby is born safe and sound! And I will sit up all night for a week to get it done on time.