Saturday, 21 November 2015

Ideas for Christmas and things I'm working on.

I always working at improving my photos so that I can put more images online of all the things I can do for you.
Working on taking photos of headdresses and accessories

Before and After

Remember if you need your wedding shoes dyed to match that Christmas party dress. Here is a pair of shoes that I had to work the embroidery decoration so that they would match what was requested.

 Dickie bows are back in fashion and maybe a great idea for someone for Christmas.
 Or what about some cufflinks as a christmas present, lots of different shapes and ideas in stock.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bespoke Christening Robe

I have been reminiscing my past work now for something I have just finished.
A Christening robe made from the left over fabric of a wedding dress from a few years ago.
The embroidery work and the delicate edge to give the robe a good finish.
Not only do I have to be good at using what I am given with my sewing talents but more and more I need to be able to photograph things well so that I can share them online.
The robe had a plainer silk taffeta under layer which could be worn as is.
I embroidered the couples family initials, the baby's name and date appeared on the petticoat.
This shows the two parts of the robes that it can be worn as seems fit according to each baby that is to wear it.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Marking 30 years past and here's to the next 30 years.

30 years ago I had just finished my degree in Textiles and Fashion and decided to see if I could make a go at working for myself. In this post I thought I would look back over the years and say thanks to all my customers who without their faith in me I never could have survived.
I started embroidering pictures and making quirky ideas to seek at Craft Fairs.

This was the first veil I made and it managed to win an All Ireland Crafts competition was meant it ended up traveling the world.
I got friends to model for me, this is Shelia photographed by the then Mrs Bunting
Headdresses and veils were my favourite things to make .
Then I went on to do Special Occasion wear

This design must have been for Gail! I have a notion I went out to her house to have a final fitting. I still remember the cream carpet in her kitchen!! Gail if I'm right you lived in a beautiful house in Cultra.

This was my first wedding ensemble, I remember that my bride was in the legal profession and wore the most beautiful clothes when she came for fittings. I knew I must not let her down. Thank you Denise for having the confidence in me.
3 years later I moved to my premises in Newtownards. Rose once again did my opening, then a few years later got me to make her wedding dress.

Ruth I remember well, she got all her hair cut short the week before the wedding, I wonder where you are today?

Sharon wore this dress which was a hint of pink. Her bridesmaid delighted me as she wore her B/m dress. for her wedding day

As always I loved something unique and different and would make dresses, jackets, hats, poses everything to suit my bride.

Aisling had her dress embroidered to match her veil.

I love this yellow them, even the flowers in the flower girl make me think of Ted baker today!
Paula, thanks for letting me do your ensemble, I still remember you thought I had taken your dress in!

Here we have flower girls and Mum, as you can see I did the hat and the bag to match everything.

It is lovely to look back and it surprises me all that I did do. Here we have Amanda and her Mum. If you check out my photos and you will find a lovely photo of this Mum this year when she had an outfit done for a special occasion.

I think this bride is Joanne from the Spa Ballynahinch.
This lovely couple still send me a christmas card every year, thanks  folks.

Another pink bride, I think I always appeal to a girl that wants something different.

This is a christening robe I have been working on recently which reminded me of my next bride.
This bride I made her christening robe when she was a baby and then I did her wedding  ensemble.

Thanks to all My Brides and Grooms for letting me help them .

Thanks to all my Brides & their Mum's for trusting in me.

Back to some contemporary brides!As long as each bride think her dress was "Perfect" then I am happy

Loved this headdress we did to match the dress, mind you I think a photo of her on her day would have been better this is just one of my photos!

One of my  lovely brides on her Wedding day.
Tricia on her big day, read her story on my blog of June this year.

Kirsty, who was recommended by a bride of mine from maybe 20 years ago, looking stunning! Not surprising as beautician was Jeannette Kidd, Lisburn.

This bride this year was the daughter of one of my brides from 24 years ago.
Let us hope that I can continue to do what I do and help as many people as possible to have their perfect day. Thank you to everyone who has been there to support me and given me work to keep me happy. One day I hope to pass on my knowledge and teach people to sew. There is an embroidery style to suit everyone. Embroidery is anything you do with a needle and thread even should it be sewing two biscuits together, anyone can do that!!