Friday, 30 June 2017

Round up of June

It's been a busy month and as well as working on dresses for my summer weddings I decided to help with an exhibition of Wedding Dresses over the past 200years. So vintage dresses have been influencing my ideas and being an inspiration. 

But as the Exhibition covered up to present day my own dress and some of my former brides dresses where on show. 

This is Caroline's dress. Photo by Stuart Macrory an excellent wedding photographer based on the Ards Peninsula. 

This silk dress, which was on display, and its beading detail looks vintage but in fact the wedding was Feb 2017. It's lovely simple understated shape shows off the brides figure and sature with its empire line and the way it flows into a tiny train. If you look close into the two tulle layers over the silk you can see each beaded motif is outlined by a silver chain stitch. The flowers and leaves inspired by the Irish hedge rows of the Whitethorn. Each edge from the neckline to the hem has an ivory satin stitched embroidery highlighted by pearl work. Each flower has a clawed rhinestone centre. At the back if the gown you really notice the effect of the tulle & its beading detail and how it all comes together with the row of tiny hand covered buttons. 

(Another Blue Bride's dress that was on display I will write about in another post on my blog at a later date when I get some photos)

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Northern Ireland or Mallorca

I got married in Northern Ireland no better place when the sun shines however if I ever go missing you will find me in my other favourite place where I recharge my batteries and that is Mallorca. One of my favourite places on the island for a wedding is a place I visited 2 years ago. 

This week Bob Geldof's daughter Pixie choose the island for her Big Day and this spot for her venue. 

They arrived in a bus in temperatures of 30 degrees particularly hot for this time of year on the island, it's usually July & August that have thus heat. 

Their vows will have taken place outside with breathtaking views out over the Mediterranean Sea, stunning. Should you ever want to know more about this island I have now had three brides get married here so just message me. Jo

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dress code at Ascot 2017 Wow!!

One of my best read blogs was the subject of the dress code at Ascot. 

This year jumpsuits are being allowed in the royal enclosure!! 

I love watching the fashion at Ascot but was surprised today with Kate's outfit. Maybe she should have had the jumpsuit idea. 

A bespoke McQueen but really another layer of lining was needed even thought it is to be one of the hottest days of the year as well as the longest day of the year.  

The men have been allowed to take their morning coats off at Ascot, Wow!!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Latest wedding @ Mount Stewart

Well June, we always imagine the sun shines while everyone is doing their exams but not these days. My bride getting ready for her big day with a marquee wedding at Mount Stewart was forecast wet and depressing weather. Not once did the couple stop smiling and coping with all the stresses and strains a wedding brings, the promise of bad weather just spurred them on. Umbrellas bought, wellies at the ready and every detail thought of. 
So here's some photos of the girls getting ready. 

    Embroidered initials on the train. 

          Makeup by Rebecca Bryson

  Flowers by The Flower Room Holywood

       Hair by Catherine from Pro Hair

When my bride gets back from honeymoon and she has seen my photos then I will share more. 
Here's one last one taken by the professional photographer Francis Meaney

Saturday, 3 June 2017

"Every cloud has a silver lining"

This week I was tired as I had pushed myself the week before for something that I thought I really needed to happen for my husband and I. The pair of us knew the importance of what would give us a break so we as always give it our best shot. The waiting for the results was as exhausting as the work involved in the uphill task. 
In the meantime I heard word that I had been nominated for the Wedding Journal Reader Awards. The nomination was enough to get me through the week but as normal when you are tired the slightest thing can seem impossible. 
Then just as I hit rock bottom and knew I would have to shake myself and get in with it as really no-one had died!! I opened an email that said
"Congratulations, you are one of five finalists for the Wedding Journal Reader Awards 2017 Irish Wedding Dress Designer of the Year!"

Wow that was the last thing in my mind. So you lot out there that somehow took the time to vote for me, don't realise how important your best wishes were to me at that point in time. 
Now I can get up today and get on with my future. Thanks from lifting those grey skies and giving me an umbrella you good people. A Big Thanks.