Bespoke Bridal Veils (BBV)

Detail to match dress
Why not have a veil made to order, the size you want, the fullness of gathers you desire with the detail to match your dress.You can have a veil made in any colour, if you are having a blue dress have a blue veil.
A single layer veil or a tiered veil?
Lots of fullness with lots of width or just a slim narrow style there and no more.
The detail can be sparkle or pearls or embroidery .
Why not have your own motif embroidered.
A small veil from around £55 and a long veil from £85.
Ring Joanne to place an order.
Antique detail

customised embroidery

Detail on the end of the veil
your initals/ date of wedding

Bridal Lingerie

What you wear under any garment helps the final look and gives you confidence. So even more so on your wedding day you need to have the right lingerie.

Whether you can wear straps or you need a strapless bra, do you need something to hold you in in the right places make sure you look and feel good in what you have got on.

 Getting the right fit is essential, you can only be sure of this when you try it on and try it on with your wedding dress. Don't spent all your budget on your dress and spoil the look with underwear that doesn't work with your dress.
Part of your trousseau can be night wear or a negligee.