Sunday, 19 July 2015

An extra special day.

Every bride is special and I hope all my brides feel brilliant on their day. 
 My ultimate aim is that each bride of mine thinks her dress is the best dress I have ever made. So when one of my brides asks me which dress I like best that is always my answer.

The girls having a run through before the Big day.

The midi I showed you in my last blog, this time being modelled by one of my brides.
 There is a special story connected to this bride, because here I have two of my brides Mother and daughter.
The last time this guy stood beside one of my brides was a few years ago, this time it is his daughter who is my bride.

This has been a dream for me that one of my brides returned with her daughter to get me to do her ensemble.
If you look carefully at the embroidery you can see the couples initials, the veil was embroideried to match.
The bridesmaids had detail worked on their dresses to match the brides, which were highlighted with the beautiful flowers.

Everything seemed perfect even the church was the same as the Mum's however this time they had the most fabulous entrance for the bride to walk through, all in all like a dream come true.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer 2015

 Its that time of year when things are very busy and I don't always find the time to post some photos to keep you up to date with all the exciting things I am working on.
I love these sleeves we did for one of my brides.

Embroidery detail of the dress in the window this week.

The embroidery detail that is on the train of one of my brides dresses.

This is a fascinator I diid for my sister who lives in Switzerland & I was surprised just how easily it posted out to her. Made me think this was something I could sell online & post.
Another idea in another colour for someone.

Today we have a christening, this is it pressed and ready for its Big day

It has bespoke embroidery especially for the family it has been made for.