Monday, 29 February 2016

Up to date ideas for brides who have just got engaged.

The Spring 2016 Bridal Runways have been & gone , and every season we get to witness what's on the cutting-edge of wedding dress design. From new necklines to interesting embellishments and fashionable fabrications, each season presents a slew of exciting new trends. 

This spring was no different, with a handful of unexpected necklines, skirt options, colours, and accessories at play. More than most runway seasons, this round of presentations left our hearts flurrying with excitement for what's to come in the bridal world: Off-the-shoulder necklines, bold colours, tulle overskirts, capes, and collars infused many of the designers' collections with a breath of fresh air.

Off-the-shoulder necklines were a natural progression for many bridal designers like , Oscar de la Renta, who sadly we lost last year. In previous seasons one-shoulder, illusion, and cap-sleeves took control of the runways. This time, the romantic draped shoulder shined. It's a great option for brides who want a sleeve, but don't want to look too covered. 

Next, new colours emerged in many of our favourite dressmakers presentations. Blues,greys, and even mint green creations stole the spotlight from the blush, ivory, and of course, white gowns we're accustomed to seeing.

Gold headdresses & Floral headbands.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

10 things to promise the year you are getting married

1  will not spend more than two hours a day reading wedding blogs – well, maybe more on weekends. And on days when I’m at work. And on holiday. But other than that…
2 I will love my bridesmaids. They are my best friends and women that I love, not servants to do my bidding. Until they have to carry my dress, my flowers and my drink come the big day.
FIL, MIL, H2B and BMs are not real names. I will not write these acronyms on invitations or place cards.
3 I will be prepared for all eventualities. Therefore, having two pairs of shoes isn’t an indulgence, it’s a practical measure to be proud of.
4 At all times, I will be gracious, understanding, caring and calm. In fact, a career as a UN peacekeeper or a negotiator might well be on the cards. Unless seating plans are required in which case, you’ll need someone else.
5 I will be the hostess with the hostess. All the champagnes and cocktails will be most thoroughly tested before the big day so everyone can enjoy the very best without worry.
6 I will not let my wedding planning spill over into all areas of my life. Although my desk at work does look better with flowers, a napkin and wedding favours on it…
7 I will remember that even though I’m planning a wedding, real life still goes on. But even real life can be improved if you wear your wedding headpiece whilst you’re ironing.
8 I will clean my engagement ring regularly. It’s not just me that has to look fab for photos.
9 I will find my wedding dress and all my accessories at Joanne Ferguson Bridal. Obviously.
10 I will make brilliant memories to have for the rest of my married life.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

JEF Menswear to buy or to hire

Remember girls it's the groom's day too. Make sure he feels special. Together decide what "suits" the type of wedding you are having and then you will have the right look. The right look needs to suit the groom as well as your theme. 
With us we suggest that the pair of you come along and try on first. Then you will be able to see the variety we have to offer for hire and what can be made for you. 

At present the dinner jacket and bow tie have  been popular with celebrities. You could have a bespoke bow tie and a tuxedo which you would then always have. 

Tails of all colours are great as they are very flattering on most men, they make then look and feel the part which is so important. What you wear gives you great confidence any day of the week. 

We helped this wee man look and feel the part with his bow tie & braces, the car helped too!!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Dream Dresses

Magic, sumptuous fabrics, delicately embroidered with gold & glass beads, a spectacular collection, one look and you know it's Elie Saab. Let's see what inspires you.

His limitless creativity, his skill in making women look and feel special. The top couturier in my eyes and in many of the world's princesses and a solve favour tie with the Holywood stars. ( & I don't just mean Holywood N Ireland)

2015 we had a collection with powder-coloured Jewel dresses ranging from white & black to green & pink with feathers inlays and sequins. The models moved on the catwalk like fairies or dragonflies, their floating shapes clinched at the waist with Saab's slim belts to define the female figure. 

Spring 2016 yet another breath taking collection. Saab had an Indian theme at the Haute Couture Week, adding an exotic tinge to his sparkly gowns and cocktail dresses, swags over the shoulder reminiscent of the Indian sari. 

He divides his time between Beirut and Paris, where he has his second atelier, Milan and New York. He has managed to modernise the East and fuse it with the West. 

"It's true that my designs lean towards an Eastern style. It's my native culture and it has an influence on my work. I'm most attracted to the warmth of its colours. And the sensual and dramatic aspect of my dresses also owes a great deal to this legacy. 

Dare to dream. He taught himself the secrets of dress making and how to enhance the female body with dresses. Elie Saab's goal is far more than dressing princesses and stars. For him, it's reaching every type of women is his ultimate goal. 

Thank you Mr Saab for the inspiration.