Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hatching ideas

Let me get cracking on with some ideas for you.
Happy Easter, a time that we think of Easter eggs and new life. To inspire you I thought of hatching some new ideas. My mind is always bursting with new designs and shapes there are just not enough hours to my day, which reminds me we have lost an hour today!!

Catherine with her delicate embroidered sleeves

Gold embroidery and bead work on a shoulder for detail

Beaded detail, matching necklace and belt.
I am away to do some more sketches, enjoy your Easter.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The latest trend from the cat walks & celebs

White shoes are the new black!Working within the fashion industry, I pretty much live, eat and breathe anything to do with fashion. Accessories and shoes are a big part of that. The one thing I can't make yet are shoes. Every day I watch out for trends on the catwalk and how they translate into bridal fashion. With shoes this is what you have to look forward to in the 2013 collections.
A few months ago it began to creep slowly onto the catwalk, but nothing could quite get us prepared for the mad rush!

Shoe Trends for 2013
Every shape from Platform to court shoe available from our shop.  I dye and decorate them accordingly.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Latest ideas

 Latest work, I have some new headdress ideas and samples worked for belts and headbands.
 Accessories and shoes can make or break an outfit, it is important to get your accessories right.
 Brooches, shoe clips,bags and butterflies, lots of ideas for your Big Day.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Report from Students, budding fashion designers.

When I was across the water recently there was a chance to see some work of fashion students. Every month I have young people asking me about my job and they often say they want to be a fashion designer. I thought I would share their work with you. Here are some photos of the exception students hard work.

I hope this inspires you to have a go at some of your own designs.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Saturday, 16 March 2013

latest work and inspiration for 2013 brides

The latest in shoes, but shoes are something I can't make and these ones are  £2095 if you are interested!!
My work board with samples and ideas
I am just back from the latest updates on textiles and trends for the next year, more of the same which is good news for me. While the other have to make do with lace and more lace I can get on with my embroidery that can look like lace but can be bespoke to suit exactly where we want it and how much of it we want, the colour you want and any personal touches you want.
Some of my embroidery work in subtle colours
Shoulders in dresses, sleeves, key hole backs,button detail, belts with detail,shoes in lace, vintage brooches, British bridal has  just lots of lace ever since the Royal Wedding in April 2011!! I can do all that and more.
back detail with embroidery work highlighted with pearls and buttons

We have just had a wedding where I embroidered the family's initials on the dress. First I sketched them the size and style desired and then I embroidered them to match the embroidery work already on the dress. Finally the initials where highlighted with beads and crystals to enhance them and shoe them off. Hopefully the bride will have some better photos of the finished work.

The embroidered initials before working it onto the dress and beading.

Guipure lace shoe with pearl flower detail

Ladies fashion at Cheltenham 2013

On Ladies day  the Cheltenham women fought off the freezing weather with over sized furs and multicoloured hats making sure fashion added a little brightness to an all round dreary day.

  Some female racegoers braved the cold in bare legs, plunging necklines and sky high stilettos.

This tweed outfit was exciting, warm and colourful, what  about her embroidered butterfly on her hat?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Update on events

Sorry girls it seems like ages since I did my blog. However it has been a busy time.
First there was the textile show in London with the latest in the world of trimmings and fabrics

Spots and stripes and strong colours

burn out fabrics

blue drapes

embroidery everywhere

Shimmer and sparkle

Classic silks.
Then it was off to the Bridal Show to find out the latest trends and ideas for the future.
More lace is the forecast.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Say it with flowers

Thanks to a lovely lady I was given a bunch of tulips yesterday. I just love to be inspired by these beautiful flowers and I love arranging them. Flowers to me say it all, they let you know the time of year, they give you colour and inspire you with some many different ideas.

 Here is some inspiration for you with Mother's Day coming up next weekend.
Take the simple things in life and make them special, leaves a art form with the tulips

A fascinator inspired by a tulip and the leaf.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Something Special for your Special Day

This is my favourite local wedding venue and any of you interested should take advantage of their open day this month.
It is the 1st March and Spring is in the air. I am trying to keep up with my new years resolution and give you as many ideas and as much inspiration as I can on my blog. I am encouraged with the fact that last month on average 30 people read my blog each day and sometime up to 50 people each day. So for all of brides from Northern Ireland here is a recommendation for you.
A visit to a wonderful place for your Special day. We can look forward to longer days and the burst of the spring flowers, for me this place is the best place for a fantastic wedding venue in Northern Ireland. On Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th March Montalto Estate Ballynahinch are having a day that you can visit the House and the new Carriage Rooms to see what is looks like set up for a wedding. Well worth a visit I say.
Montalo House , well worth a visit, where the welcome is warm and friendly and the surroundings and the service exceptional. I give it 6 stars******
The Carriage Rooms for Weddings and functions.
A perfect place for your Special day, don't miss a visit this month.