Monday, 27 March 2017

Spring 2017

This time of year with the clocks going forward we have more daylight hours and everything is bursting with life, its always an exciting time of year.

All my clients for the year are keen to see what I have been working on and how I am getting on with their ensemble. From brides with their dresses and all the accessories to match to the Holy Communion girls, mini brides excited to see how things are shaping up.

The hedgerows where I live inspired me to do this headband.

I have been dying lace and silk for my brides and have ideas for any left over bits, nothing goes to waste when you can create, make and sew.

This is one of my new men's ties that was very popular when I showed it off at the weekend wedding show. Even my husband fancies a skinny tie especially made for him so that he can say no-one else has the same as his tie.

Yellow or amarillo (I'm studying Spanish these days) seems to be having an influence on my colour palette these days. It seems so jolly and reminds me of sunshine so I can't get enough of it. So it managed to make it's way onto this garter.

I have the most fantastic collection of genuine vintage Nottingham lace and right now it is really big on trend. I have lots of different designs with different sizes and shaped in the lace so you must come and pick which one you would like. With them being 100% natural it means I can dye them any colour you should choose.

This is a veil I just finished yesterday, with a tiny flower inspired by the flowers bursting to life that I see on my way into work.

This veil is the veil that my December bride wore, it was made to match her dress detail. No doubt more photos to follow.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Perfection at Portaferry

When you get an invite to join in with a new venture in your area you can't help but get involved.
I'm not the best at getting packed up and moving my shop to exhibit at Bridal Shows but when you get a personal invite it seems more special.
Portaferry is just about 20 miles from my shop and thankfully many Portaferry girls have asked me to do their wedding dresses so this was my reason for visiting the latest new venue for Wedding's on the Ards Peninsula.

Portico is the perfect venue for a romantic and elegant wedding . This beautifully restored former church is now a non-denominated grade A listed venue that hosts weddings of all kinds. Worth a visit to find out more and see for yourself.
I took a selection of my products to try to show the range of things I do inspired by the interior of the venue. 

Bespoke waistcoats , ties, carats and bow ties.

Embroidered bits and pieces to show the diverse range to satisfy every brides different ideas.

Spring was bursting with a fabulous array of flowers and foliage around the venue outside and in.

The lovely Rhian Hanson played her fabulous harp creating the most angelic tones to make a memorable atmosphere at the occasion.

Not only was the venue, the atmosphere and the company perfect but the weather was very kind to us.

No visit to Portaferry would be complete without a visit to the Wonderful Portaferry Hotel. What better place for your wedding reception.
Meet the lovely Kirsty and find out all that is on offer.

I have to say I loved the table settings and the seat tiebacks in the blush chiffon.

So thanks to Mary, who I was delighted to see again since her wedding, I displayed one of my lace bridal dresses and two of my men's hire outfits.

Seems like my printed ties caught a few peoples fancy.

 Lots to see and take in not forgetting the famous ferry just outside in the sunshine.

Accessories on display
Dyed silk for flower ties
Bridal belts, headbands and caplets.
So at the end of the day if you missed out make sure and take the time to find out more and should you want to stay here is what was on offer.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Latest news

After the madness of the last week or so, I thought it was time for a new blog post to keep you up to date. First there was the Bridal Fashion Show I was invited to in Spain. Interesting, I reckon that we have more in common with Spanish bridal fashion than you might guess. Sophistication and elegance with a touch of quirky was evident at the show. 

Not surprisingly Rosa Clara's dresses and matching veils were a feast for my eyes and I was lucky enough to be close to the catwalk to catch a quick glance. 

We managed to get around the back to see the dresses up close and personal but that veil I wanted to see in close proximity had been carefully escorted out of the building. I wonder to this day what the price tag, if there was one, might have said.
Then we had St Valentines Day which was hopefully when those keen for a new ring on the finger got their wish come true. Congratulations to those of you who are newly "engaged"

Then London Fashion Week came and went too fast and as the excitement dies down, I love taking this time to reflect about all of the incredible trends I saw on and off the runway. It’s always such an exciting time; so much possibility and opportunity for new styles: colors, shapes, and silhouettes. Something I noticed this season was the designer’s ability to capitalize on trends that were already on the rise. Taking something that people already love and bringing a fresh perspective and unique approach to it. Isn’t that one of the greatest fundamentals of fashion? It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the oh-so-feminine ruffle and it’s definitely having its moment in the sun. But how do designers find a way to keep a trend from becoming overdone and instead make it feel like a classic, staple piece? 

Meanwhile I had a Welsh wedding, well it was in Northern Ireland but the Welsh had a keen influence. I must let you hear the lovely poem read out that service, but that will have to be at a later date. The address was all inspired by Welsh slate and then they finished up with a great Welsh hymn often sung by the Welsh rugby fans. 

Once again thanks to Shirley at Mount Stewart we took park in their Wedding Weekend. Such a lovely benue for a wedding and to show case my work. So when I was asked to take part I wanted to take a selection of dresses and menswear that let couples know the varieties of what we have in the shop and the range of prices. Selecting everything, let alone what to wear as your bridal ensemble, can be a daunting task for some and an absolute pleasure for others. I do hope that I can help in any way to make this easier. A new one to me is the lovely Rian Hanson, a harpist for anyone wanting both a classic or a trendy ambience for their wedding day.  

A Welsh harpist new to Northern Ireland, Rian and her husband are professional musicians, brought over to live in Northern Ireland via the Ulster Orchestra. 
So now to looking  forward we have the London Bridal Show where we will see what the top bridal designers are showcasing for next year. Watch this space.