Bridesmaids dresses

Bridesmaid dresses especially made to match the brides dress just makes everything perfect. Something designed especially to compliment the wearer and the whole ethos of the occasion. We have lots of dresses to try on to choose from.
The perfect bridesmaids

Chosing your bridesmaids should be a no brainer!
However, chosing a bridesmaid dress that everyone will love, is about as likely as winning Lotto, but you'll at least be able to keep some of them as friends after the wedding if you...
Make sure they are complimentary.

Choose your style and colour carefully, by doing so, they'll be able to select a shade and style that complements their body shape, skin tone and hair colouring. Alternatively, if you would like them to be in the same hue to match the wedding decor,  choose the style that flatters them the most.

Gone are the days when a bride could force her bridesmaids to dress in a puffy taffeta creation. These days bridesmaid dresses are now using better quality fabrics like dupion silk, chiffon, satin, velvet and crepe. So select one that will make your party feel sleek and sexy rather than frumpy and resentful.

Do Consider the Costs
The more bridesmaids you have the more it costs.
Traditionally in this country the attendants do not pay for their own outfits so don't expect them to shell out a fortune for the honour of standing by your side. Think before you decide on how many bridesmaids.

Shopping en masse
If you take all your attendants with you on a shopping expedition,  they may never agree on anything and it will just cause conflict between them. Sometimes you are best to source things yourself first - there's a reason why people say 'too many chefs spoil the broth'.

Don't Leave Things Until the Last Minute
With all the discussions and disagreements that go with selecting bridesmaid dresses, it's tempting to leave the decision until the last minute and then order your attendants into any old dress. However they really should be chosen at least five months before the wedding to allow time to get everything perfect.