Sunday, 15 April 2012

They wanted to marry abroad

Two Ulster couples marry abroad in a sun-drenched ceremony on the beach this week.
It is not surprising that the lure of almost guaranteed sunshine takes couple to different parts of the world to celebrate their wedding vows.
Darren Clarke married Alison Campbell in the Bahamas as my bride Eva and my groom Andy wed in the Seychelles.

Alison commissioned a local fashion designer Una Rodden to make her a strapless above the knee ivory coloured  wedding dress. Una shared Alison's secret, she knew it was going to be abroad, somewhere hot and low key.Now Una shares her advice " Her dress was lined with linen to keep her cool in the heat and then a lightweight silk gauze was pleated and draped over the top. And although the dress sounds quite straightforward to make, all the pleats were hand sewn so it was time- consuming to make.
Darren Clarke and Alison Campbell exchange vows
Darren & Alison marrying in Bahamas.

Eva kindly asked me to make her dress for her idyllic wedding in the sunny Seychelles. We used a silk devore chiffon lined with silk pongee to allow for the brilliant sunshine. The delicate devore had tiny floral detail each hand beaded with tiny silver lined beads to sparkle in the light. Rows of beads created the delicate shoulder straps for length and elegance and the same tiny beads embellished the neckline for a perfect finish. Andy gave Eva the beautiful floral necklace to match her detail on the silk and it sat perfectly in the "V" of the dress.
Eva & Andy wed in the Seychelles.
Eva said " Had a fabulous day, we both looked fab. Andy thought I looked stunning in my dress. Hope you like the photos. Jo here's one for your blog showing the full length. No doubt about it they added to our day."
To get that text on the 12/4/12 their wedding day, while they are a million miles away, just made my day.

Andy got his cream suit from us too. He's used to the heat, and proudly wore his cool cream jacket with matching trousers to full effect. It is lovely to meet both bride and groom. It makes it more special and more personal. Also it means when needed we make sure everything compliments each other perfectly. Initially Andy thought he wanted a white suit, thankfully we were able to persuade him that cream was the colour for the day so that he would match Eva's dress.

Andy & Eva, shoes off having a fab time.
Love it!, Eva and Andy have their good shoes off enjoying their time on the beach.(Looks like one of the islands off Strangford Lough only the sun is shining and it looks hot). Shoes are difficult on the sand. I notice Alison wore a wedge sandal to complete her ensemble. Eva, I hope if the sand was too hot you were able to dip your toes in the cool, blue water. Can't wait to see more photos when you get home.

Enjoy your honeymoon!

Monday, 9 April 2012

New range of "off the Peg" Mother of the Bride/grooms outfits.

New range of Mother of the Bride/Groom outfits.

New range of "off the peg" bridesmaids dresses

I have also a new range of "off the peg bridesmaids dresses" with a choose of styles and colours.

New "off the peg dresses"

For many different reasons brides sometimes find that it suits to have a wedding sooner rather than wait till later.
To help brides with all different types of wedding and different tastes and needs we have an extensive range of "off the peg dresses".