Monday, 30 June 2014

Round up of the month.

We have just had Glastonbury with Dolly Parton and Kasabian which made me think of a bride of mine who honeymooned there after her wedding. It also makes me think we are half way through the year and it is flying in.
One of my brides who went to Glastonbury to celebrate her wedding. The bride wears the royal blue embroidered dress.
Flower Power and the festive mood seems to be popular with wedding trends at present. I don't believe you have to conform to a particular style or colour just make sure you do it your way.
This dress in red I love, it is by one of my favourite American designers. It would be great in ivory as a bridal dress, not sure I would recommend it in red as there is a horrible saying associated with red wedding dresses, yet in some cultures it is the tradition.
I look at this dress and think lovely, but what happens the flowers when they get squashed and even worse than that how do you dry clean it.
Which reminds me girls, careful if you are out in the sales and you see what you think is a bargain, it is only fit for purpose if it can be made fit you and is clean. There would be some trouble if you bought something like this and it wasn't the perfect fit to start.

         We have also had the Queen to visit the province and purchase some of our products. great to see and hear positive news about our little country.

 Sunny Days to inspire us with ideas for weddings with flowers and sand castles and lots of lovelies.

 For me trends seem to be staying with lace and layers and lots of floatyness, looks that are simple but probably difficult to achieve. Soft and romantic with lots of feminine qualities and very personal, everything specifically chosen to look understated.
I loved this dress that Millie from Made in Chelsea wore, a fine example of lovelyness.
However for now I better go back to my sewing, I have more summer weddings to finish before I get playing with ideas for next year.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Get to wear your wedding dress again!

This is how I imagine it girls.
You don’t have to be a bride yourself to take part in this unique event; if your big day is still ahead of you then why not borrow a wedding gown from a friend or wear one belonging to a relative. The wedding dress can also be from any cultural background such as an Indian Sari or Japanese Kimono.
Brides are asked to pay £10 with proceeds raised going to Foyle Hospice.

It is to take place 5th July 2014, go with your friends and have a brilliant day wearing your dress again while raising money for the hospice.
The venue is the Peace Bridge, Derry/Londonderry.

Come along and celebrate Brides Across The Bridge setting a BRAND NEW Guinness World Record!

For further information on the event Contact Rachel Bruce at Foyle Hospice fundraising centre on 028 71359888 or email

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Real bride & her bridesmaids on her wedding day.

The dress all ready to go.
The bridesmaid dresses were made to compliment the brides dress.
Tiny cap sleeve for one bridesmaid and just the smallest shoulder detail for the other.
The headdress which held in place her embroidered veil.
We did the groom's outfit as well as the girls.
Luckily it was just a breeze, the lucky umbrella staved off the rain.

A moment captured for ever in a memory.
The bunting is out for the Happy Couple
The lovely couple I enjoyed working every minute working for.
Two stars of the day.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Real Bride having a dress rehearsal.

Sorry girls, its seems like sometime since I did my last blog. One of my most popular blogs was the one about the Great Gatsby, so recently I took myself off to see the Grace of Monaco film to see what ideas would come from that. Both my blog on Cheltenham and Ascot ladies fashion seem to be popular and when I posted some hats on my Facebook page again the races are a popular theme all over the world but my copy of Pippa Middleton's dress tops the poll.

Now I have hit the middle of the year, my middle of the year resolution is to do my blog more often. So keep the encouragement and the comments coming.
Now let me share some of the work that has been keeping my busy.
Here the girls are practising and learning all that needs to be remembered.

Bride and bridesmaid having a trial run.

This lovely long veil was just the finishing touch to a lovely ensemble for lovely girls.

Close up of the dress and the veil over it.

My bride beaming, happy with everything, as all brides must be.

Embroidery close up.

Monday, 9 June 2014

The professional photos from Malta

The Photographer, Davy Ralston from Northern Ireland, did his best to find the almond orchards that I had imagined but it wasn't to be. So other settings were chosen. Sadly I haven't been there and so there were a few issues that didn't work in the photos. You may not notice but the train of the dress is around the models waist instead of attached to the empire line detail in this photo.
I always feel so sorry for the horses when I am in a sunny resort and they are being used to transport tourists around. The poor horses look so bored, so hot and their legs so tired of trotting through the streets that I just could approve these photos.

 The girls looked sad in this photo and I love to think when a girl puts on one of my dresses that it just makes them smile!!

                              So finally these where the selection I choose!