Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Lady in Blue

Today Willem-Alexander became King of Holland and by his side was his beautiful wife in blue.

What an elegant dress and regal cape, long blue and embellished the dress was encrusted with beads.
 Long delicate sleeves with a  blue embroidered cuff which you can see while she waves. Close up the neckline had areas of detail and areas of nothing which made it all the more interesting. I hope I see a better close up photo to work out how it was done.

Queen Maxima looked stunning during the investiture ceremony with her husband.
 Camilla too looked dazzling in her pale blue Brice Oldfield dress teamed with her Philip Treacy hat and pearl accessories

I also liked this dress that Crown Princess Mary wore.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Helen Mirren dazzling on the Red carpet

Helen Mirren wore a Lindka Cierach dress for her night at the Olivier awards.
A stunning embroidered black dress with elegant sleeves and a flash of ankle complimented with her velvet platforms and her beautifully beaded bag.

Lindka Cierach was the designer who was commissioned to do the wedding dress for the Duchess of York which established her notoriety in British couture. Still today she and her Design Team work for royalty around the world. She was also the designer that Carol Middleton turned to for an outfit which I am not sure if we have ever seen! Lindka is renowned for her attention to detail and her perfection of forms and I would love to know what she had made for Carol Middleton. Her wedding dress for the Duchess of York was truly brilliant. Once again her style is exquisite in this dress for Helen Mirren.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Are You inspired to Sew?

Have you got the bug after watching the Sewing Bee on the TV?

They say viewers are stocking up on needles and thread! Some department stores saw a 55% increase in the sell of sewing machines after the first episode. I am interested to hear what you thought. I like sewing for people who sew themselves as they appreciate and understand the time and effort that goes into my work. I believe there is a type of sewing that suits every individual. It doesn't have to be dress making or machine sewing it can be sewing simply with a needle and thread.
When you see gorgeous material,ribbons and buttons do you want to have a go?

But why, at a time when discount stores are selling dresses for less and less, should so many be inspired to try making things? For a start you can choose the fabric, the colour and the shape, then you can fit it as you make it and then you have the satisfaction of knowing that you, your home or your friend or family member have something completely unique. I know nearly every bride that comes to me says they want something special, something different and that suits them, something personal.For me personally sewing is anything you do with a needle and thread should it be sewing two biscuits together, it can be fun. Creative sewing for me is immensely satisfying and I would encourage as many people as possible to have a go.

Let me know your thoughts? Are you longing to try to sew?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Latest from New York fashion week

The New York International Bridal Week took place last week. There have been five shows since the first event revitalized the bridal industry in 2010 and Bridal Week now attracts thousands of designers, manufacturers and retailers.
Several beautiful wedding garments for Bridal Week have been previewed and all are incredibly exciting. Created by the best-known fashion designers on today's market, the bridal gowns have been causing a real stir on the catwalk and a range of interesting styles have emerged.

Vera Wang is well known for her wedding dresses. She has experimented extensively with lace in a great variety of forms, including lace appliqué, vintage lace, handwrought and guipure lace. Her signature creation included the increasingly-popular illusion neckline that has been recently seen on catwalks around the world, intricately embellished with patterned and corded lace. The highly embellished fabric was extensively used throughout Wang's collection, which sets the standard for current bridal trends.

Inspired by Grace Kelly's famous silhouette, the long, lace-sleeved wedding gown has enjoyed a massive surge in popularity after being worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding in 2011. Designer Oscar de la Renta has taken this look to new levels of drama with intricately-patterned lace sleeves and billowing skirts, creating a truly appealing look. Cute cap sleeves, ideal for a summer wedding outdoors, also featured in the collection.

Oscar de la Renta behind the scenes at the Spring 2013 Show
Sophisticated necklines on classic bridal gowns were chosen by Carolina Herrera to give her models a modern, edgy look.
The asymmetric neckline, which is particularly ideal for tall or broad-shouldered brides, was also seen in the bridal dress collections of both Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang. All of Herrera's dresses featured a traditional silhouette combined with a modern feel, creating a truly unique and stunning collection.

Monday, 22 April 2013

From sketches to embroidery

Where ever I go or wherever I am I always take pen and paper so I can sketch.

When I draw thinking of embroidery I actually think I do better sketches
Flowers, leaves, lines and squiggles all inspire me.

Old Films with wonderful customs

Period customs dramas on the TV

Ideas come all the time and so it is good to get them down on paper so that they are there for reference when I want them.

 Sometimes the sketches themselves provide inspiration just from the lines that captured them, like this drawing.
Then when I want I translate them into embroidery ideas.

One idea leads to another so I always have loads of ideas, not enough time.
This photo shows you the drawing and the embroidery that followed

Monday, 15 April 2013

The latest in Shoes for 2013

I promised you some sketches and I don't know where the time has gone and I need to do more, but in the meantime here are some shoes in our collection this year.
there are lace sandals, lace shoes with toes in and lace handbags to match. Pointy shoes, platform shoes and practically every shape and style to suit every shape and fit.
All our shoes can be dyed to match or contrast your outfit.
 You can have sparkly shoes with bags to match or your shoes sparkled to your own specific requirement.

 Shoes with ankle straps to fit secure and snug no matter where you want to go.
 Extra wide fit EEE with a good steady heel with a platform to make you taller than they feel.

 And shoes with decoration , shoe clips are back on the go, we have several different ones to choose from.

 Or your shoes can have a bespoke decoration to match your theme, the choice is endless.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fashion at the Grand National

Aintree Racecourse is the home of the world's most famous, most talked about, most mythical race, the Grand National. No other race can compare to the sheer romance of the Grand National.
A class of it'sown.
The mere mention of the name conjures up memories of triumph and tragedy, of battle and bravery, of victory and conquering.

Classical singer, Katherine Jenkins performed God Save The Queen after the first race of the day, the John
Smith's Aintree Legends Charity, in a stunning black dress. 

While the horses and riders are really the subject of the day, I couldn't help but notice the fashion.
Hats on for the Ladies

Lots of Ivory and black

 Nothing like A Hat to get you noticed!!