Sunday, 23 April 2017

Easter 2017

There is something about Spring, Easter, new life, optimism , spring cleaning, an energy. I always feel I have loads of ideas. You watch nature burst into life and colour. It seems there's lots of yellows with daffodils, crocuses, primroses even dandy lions which waken us up and cheers us. However it's good to notice in particular all the gorgeous pastel hues too. At the moment that lovely rose gold pink if the Apple iphone. It's a colour I haven't really used that much. It's neither peach nor pink. 

I love the blossom on the trees, there are so many shades and all the different colours as the buds burst into life. 

I have just finished a Fab wedding in the most beautiful peachy blossom colour with blossom flowers cascading  onto the train. Here's a glimpse at the detail but I reckon the official photos will be worth waiting for.

While all the girls had the peachy pink so like our rose gold in the iphone, the brides Mum had a navy lace over the shade. The boys wore matching ties with navy suits. However I have just done my window in work and I have mixed the soft coral shade with green. I have these two everywhere at home and in work at the moment.

 I have always loved green & so often at this time of year it's a spring green but let's not ignore the softer shade of green. Mint, such a lovely shade to incorporate it into our homes & wear it. With a hue that beautiful you can mix it with other colours so cleverly.

Colour it so sets a theme!! The time of Year, the mood, your style & your taste. 
Possibly the easiest way to incorporate a colour scheme into any wedding is with the fashion. So picking your bridesmaids colour should it be rose gold, it is important. 

However it doesn't stop there, remember that the mint colour is a class colour for the grooms to don as a complimentary or matching tone. You don't have to put everyone in the same shade. The soft green or an eau de nil shade looks incredible and perfect amongst the natural surroundings. So give it a thought. 

Here's another trend. At last it is no longer expected for brides to wear white dresses either, and more and more we are seeing beautiful coloured dresses 

but if you’re not quite brave enough to wear a coloured frock, there’s nothing to stop you from popping a pair of coloured shoes on your toes and rose gold or mint are a lovely inspiration for you. 

Flowers, Decor & Styling

It doesn't stop there, it turns out that mint green is actually in a plethora of succulents, foliage and proteas that would look beautiful amongst your fashion and decor. You only have to look at the inspiration board below to be enlightened.

More and more couples are going down the DIY route and making their own signs, centrepieces and sometimes even stationery, ensuring continuity with a clever pot of their favourite paint, spray can, or design. But if you’re not into DIY found some delectable items below you can add to your venue to get the minty look.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Spring 2017

If you want to have a Spring in your foot on your wedding day you need comfortable shoes.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Ladies Day at Aintree.

Aintree Racecourse is the home of the world's most famous, most talked about, most mythical race, the Grand National. No other race can compare to the sheer romance of the Grand National. Forty years since Red Rum won the Grand National for the third time. This year sponsored by Northern Ireland's Randox. So let's see what is the news this year.

Fashionable fillies cantered through the gates in a flurry of colour for Ladies Day at Aintree.

Stylish racegoers stepped out for the most glamorous day in the race calendar.

Ladies Day was awash with flamboyant colour and floral patterns when the gates opened for the second day of the Grand National Festival at 10.30am.

And there was a carnival atmosphere as thousands of guests poured into the iconic racecourse for a spectacle of colour, with many showcasing their favourite raceday outfits.

Yesterday the lower-key grand opening event, known as Liverpool Day, attracted lots of tweed fashions among racegoers heading to Merseyside.

But today the gorgeous gowns, eye-catching hats, fabulous fascinators and towering high heel were out in fabulous force for Ladies Day, where there is an annual competition for the best dressed.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Class ideas

Here are some ideas. I want you to make suggestions and I want to make the workshop/classes as adaptable as possible so U get what suits U out of them. There is so many different sewing techniques and there is one to suit everyone. I want to share with you some of the knowledge I have and to me it is like a life skill. It is what ever you do with that skill that will be your choice. 

1 Hand Sewing, as simple or as complicated as you want. 

2 Machine Sewing for those of you who like speed. 

3 Altering items for those who have a wardrobe full of clothes that need altered. 

4 To costumise an outfit, be unique who wants to have the same as someone else or just change the look from the last time you wore it. 

5 To make a belt whether it's for your wedding dress or your evening outfit. 

6 To make a christening robe

7 To make a petticoat for your wedding dress

8 To make a garter

9 To make a veil

10 Make your headdress

11 Make your flower girl's dress

12 Make your men Bow ties

13 Make a bunting

14 Make your man a tie.

I thinking Monday's and / Saturday's?

What do you want?