Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mark Zuckerberg's bride wears a stunning dress

When I saw this dress I couldn't wait to share it with you. I don't do facebook, I just do my blog.
The wedding was a surprise to the guests, they thought they were there to celebrate  Priscilla's graduation. When they arrived for the party in their back yard they were told it was to be their wedding.
Perfect in every way. Priscilla's dress was stunning. The simplicity of its shape showing off her figure and the delicate intricate detail of the see through neckline framed her delighted face. It looks like lace or it could be embroidery. It has cut out areas that show off her lovely complexion. A bespoke made edging along the neckline, no need for a necklace. Understated excellence, less is more.

Notice her beautiful veil made to perfectly compliment her dress.
So this is my dress of the week.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dress of the week

They have been show casing their fashion all week, but this undoubtedly was incredible. Amanda's dress was stunning, every second I got to look at it was blowing my brain. I WOULD JUST LOVE TO HAVE SEEN THIS IN REAL LIFE. It was breathtaking. While you were all watching the acts I just wanted to see more of this dress.
It is by a designer called J'Aton. So who is behind J'Aton/ The company was established by Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino in Melbourne, Australia, with a showroom and atelier, creating bespoke evening and bridalwear. Both designers are from sartorial Italian backgrounds and use traditional methods in their unique gowns. Do they need someone to do their embroidery, I know who would be delighted to volunteer.

The fish tail dress with the exciting embellishment, the capped sleeves and low back were brilliant and her short wavey hair with it's 40's look was just perfect with it.

Sorry Alesha but your risque dress just didn't do anything for me. It just looked like you might be called on to help the girls doing the swimming routine. Amanda beemed showing off the dress to its full fabulousness. What would a dress like this cost to make?  My favourite dress of the week, stunning.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Following the Fashion on BGT

Amanda: Showcasing a new up 'do by celeb hair stylist Ben Cooke, Amanda's upped the fashion ante and then some in this peplum-detail dress by J'Aton. Could she work anymore trends!? The bondage beaded belt and plunging neckline may be a touch risque, but in a good way, girl's got talent (and cleavage)...oh and Chanel earrings, a Fendi cuff and YSL heels
Alesha: Is it a frock? Is it a top? (It's definitely not plain). Oh, and it's definitely a dress. Alesha added sexy strappy sandals and hair so sleek, you could almost do your make up in it - only, don't - you'll freak the poor lamb out.
Does she win? You know what to do (vote below).

ROUND 3: Power peplums vs Alesha's Aztec mini, which dress is best?

* ROUND 4 (9th May to calendar fans)
Amanda: Upping her game and then some, Amanda opted for a mullet dress with fluro accents and matching neon yellow nails, clashing her summery look with red hot lippie. Lovely.
Alesha: Looking just that little bit Mis-teeq-cle (NB we shoe-horned that one in, clearly) in another mullet dress, this time it's sheer, sparkly and by Falguni and Shane Peacock - and shoes plus belt by Julien Macdonald. Alesha looked smokin' hot but it wasn't plain sailing for her stylist Katie Greengrass who told : "There was a slight problem with the alterations [of the original dress] and she can't go out looking less than a hundred percent perfect.
"When it's live telly, anything can happen, so we always have a back-up look we revert to if anything goes wrong at the last minute—and what a great back-up look this is!"
Amen to that. Alesha had been planning to wear Julien Macdonald, saying: "I really wanted to wear Julien Macdonald because he’s somebody I’ve worked with from the Mis-Teeq days" - well, Macdonald accessories is just as good, right?

ROUND 4: Both stars wore mullet frocks, but who wins?

* ROUND 5 (10th May to calendar fans)
Amanda: Woah-there! Amanda's got her pins out and looks HAWT in a metallic mini dress by J'Aton (again). The 41-year-old added strappy black Nicholas Kirkwood sandals and H Stern jewellery to her look plus slicked-down hair...but has she done enough to win the BIG BGT fash' off? Amanda shared the below exclusive backstage shot on her blog here - getting ready has never looked so glamorous!

Amanda shared this exclusive behind-the-scenes at BGT shot as she got ready for day 5..

Over to Alesha...
Alesha: Having declared the importance of supporting British labels, it's great to see Dixon wearing a vampish frock by famed famous fashion house Alexander McQueen. The singer added vintage gold sandals and Giles and Brother accessories to her look, plus Avon nail varnish in Pro Naked Truth, naturally.
A little bit ink-blot in design, what do you make of Dixon's dress? And does she trump Amanda? Let us know below...

ROUND 5: Amanda's legs vs Alesha - who wins? YOU decide...

Which judge created a fashion buzz? Who should get a big fat BGT BUZZ?


Monday, 7 May 2012

The latest lace or lace inspired dresses

Lace dresses are so in and even short at the front and long at the back is another trend. I love bits of both dresses.
 Amanda wore a flesh-coloured number by J'Aton couture, embellished with a vintage-style black pattern. (it looks like embroidery to me.)
The high neck and long sleeves looked as though they were intended to counter the transparent nude material, but the almost entirely see-through skirt was eyecatching to say the least. Nice idea to play with.
 Alesha's colourful print mullet dress by designer Mary Katrantzou featured a short skirt with a long train, with the designer's trademark clash of patterns.
Her towering red heels were a positive touch- accentuating Alesha's incredibly long legs. The print looks like a lace effect. Love it ,such fun.

 Can't wait to see what tonight's inspiration will be. Thanks girls.