Monday, 28 January 2013

Ideas galore

Now I have my batteries recharged and my brain is bursting with ideas, I can hardly sleep. Ideas galore and catwalk 2013 it is all happening.
Last week it was Paris Haute Couture Spring Summer collection, welcome to the era of peacock dressing.
After 5 years of economic uncertainty and recession, a designer outfit must really tempt you to spend with its beauty,colour and creativity. Women are looking to invest their hard earned money on special pieces - bad news for boring simple pieces, but good news for designers who understand embellishment, silhouette and craft.
Now I am not going to send any of my brides out in this but I am just bouncing with ideas because detail and  personality is back.

Dare to be different, even use colour in a subtle or vibrant tones, embellish with rosettes of crystals, lace and recoloured lace in toxic chemical tones to give you edge and modernity.

More Valentino

And even more Valentino

Friday, 18 January 2013

Inspiration for 2013 Brides

Its the beginning of a New Year and for those of you getting married in 2013 it is so exciting and you have so many decisions to make. However fear not, that is where I can help because with years of experience at helping brides and grooms and all your entourage,it is possible to make it enjoyable and fun. If you have some ideas of what you think you want then I can listen and help turn your dreams into a reality.
I always have too many ideas and it just takes me to meet you for a while so that I can work out what suits you for your wedding.

Some couples know whether they want a certain vintage or a classic traditional feel to their wedding. Once you set the scene pick the date imagine what you want then you are starting to get the notion. Firstly you have got to be practical and decide on a budget, work out what you really want and what you can sacrifice if you have to. We can't always have all that we want in life, you have to choose what is important to you.
The best thing I think is to do a scrapbook or a note book, stick all your thoughts and ideas into it and take notes when you get ideas. This is what I do and it is my new years resolution to share more of my ideas and thoughts with you all. Nowadays with the internet it is so easy for anybody to collect images of the things they like and it is such an easy way for you to convey what your taste is.

So go for it, get that note book started and bring it with you when you make an appointment to come and meet me in the shop.
If you have a theme or a colour, the slightest thing to get you started then I can help you with what suits you for your Special day.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Inspiration for 2013 from the red carpet

 It was a sea of reds,nudes and black at the Golden Globe on Sunday night, one of the glitziest, celebrity-crazed, couture-driven evenings of the year.
I thought I would share with you some that I found inspirational.

Stunning, this Gucci dress is worth another look try and find a close up of this, the detail is brilliant.
This would be better for me if someone had made sure that when it was woren by the person that their skin tone best suited matching the makeup on the face and neckline. A good design and dress spoiled.

 A dress that flatters the wearer and enhances the best bits is always a winner.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year to you all.

Happy New Year

It is the start of a new year a time to have some new years resolutions. We set out our goals on things to do and achieve and a plan for the year. Mine is always to push myself to be better, to help my clients to the best of my ability, to be healthier, loss weight and enjoy a work/ life balance. Each year seems shorter and goes in quicker so it is important that we pack in as much as we can, time management is the key.
One thing about my line of business is that you dare not miss a deadline, and I seem to work better with that focus.

When organising a wedding you to have to keep your mind focused on what you want to achieve and how to do it within the time and to enjoy it at the same time. It is important to enjoy every second, don't let it be a worry. Make sure you get people on
board to help and support you.

My new years resolution is to update my web page, and improve my online presence. I am researching the idea of selling some of my products online. Accessories such as veils, shoes and lingerie and maybe some off the peg dresses. If you have any comments to make please do share your thoughts.