Monday, 31 December 2018

Review of 2018

This was the first wedding of 2018!

Throughout the year I photograph work as I'm working on it and by the end of the years nice to flick through and remind myself of what I managed to achieve.

Here's Heidi it today is her birthday today so I reminiscing just how good a flower girl she had been along with her cousin and big sister

It's not just dresses and embroidery that keeps me out of mischief but here's a hat and bag I did.

I love going out to see my bride's on their Big Day so it was a treat for me and one of my friends to catch an glimpse of this one.

This photo was the first phase of a headdress, shoes and belt I did in 2018.

As always I love to embroider a veil to match the dress.

Low backs are still an on going trend.

And how could I forget the little people that have come for their christening robes this year. I love seeing my former brides back and new Mum's. Let's hope these JF robes last the test of time and are still being worn for generations.

Thanks everyone for letting me be part of your 2018. I wish you and all your friends and family health and happiness in 2019.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Motivational November 

It's that time of year when the days are getting shorter and the nights are dark. So what better to do than to catch up with former brides and reminisce on things achieved and to get excited for things to come. 

Finally fittings over and new ideas in production. I like to give my brides time to enjoy their own photos and then if they are happy share them with you. I love to catch up and keep up, follow the latest haute couture ideas and be inspired to be creative. 

I seem to be big on sleeves at the moment and here is some inspirational embroidery from Alexander McQueen. Their label has been researching the history of Irish lace and it has been interesting seeing the influence on some of their creations. 

Meanwhile much as these ideas motivate me and the fire me with enthusiasm I them have to rein back and come up with ideas for my brides and keep them happy, we aren't overly adventurous in our part of the world, but I'm happy once I see that smile. 

This is last weeks bride just as we had put the bespoke bridal headpiece on, just before I put her dress on!! Watch this space for more photos in the future. 

However how this one, it's her wedding anniversary today. 

I haven't done many black brides but this one knew what she wanted, we had tiny skulls in the detail which sparkled in the light. 

As always when I'm working on pieces I don't feel I can share until they have had their big day but it's often when I most excited. It's like having lots of Christmas' and the fun can be the build up. With Christmas in mind and the fact that I'm celebrating 33yrs!! For the month of November I'm giving 33% off accessories and menswear so call in or keep an eye out for some of my updates. 

Here's a client that constantly inspires me, I never know what she will be at next. This was during our fittings. 

I met this one when her Mum was getting married, she never stands still too long. She is a brilliant model and photographer and .... 

This was Cara on the wedding day taking her duties very seriously. 

A sports star. 

An actress, singer and dancer. 

And now to add to her CV a Dengineer!! on BBC so she can add TV presenter to the list. 

During her time as a BBC Dengineer  she learnt to make sweets for her new den which she made inspired by her live of sweets. 

And now is able to enjoy all the things she likes in her new den, dancing, singing, acting and eating sweets. 

Go girl!! What an inspiration in motivational November!! Go Cara!! What next?  

Here's her design and if you want to watch her in action....

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Autumn Brides

It maybe Autumn but we are getting some fabulous weather, and what better for our Autumn brides. Reds and golds are everywhere with a dash of green. 

I have been working on a few ideas and here us a few to share with you. 

Gold and pearl seem to be my thing these days and after the Royal wedding some gold tiaras for you to choose from. Which do you prefer?

I did a silver notion of this in the summer so changed it slightly and came up with this one in gold and crystal. 

Falling leaves and late flowering plants in the garden are great inspiration for my embroidery work on dresses. 

Not only on the brides dresses but also on their veils. 

Loving this idea, if anyone fancies it for them. I have worked some embroidery for the triangle in the train, come see what you think of it. 

And I loved this ensemble, hope it inspires some of my MOB's & MOG's, good to have a mix of colour and personalised detail. There were quite a few headpieces like this, at the recent high society wedding rather than hats, with veiling. Which ones did you like?

Friday, 19 October 2018

Some of my favourites for Brides at the moment 

I love to make the brides that come to me smile. This bride made me smile when she sent me this photo. When she first came to me she was so worried and shy about being a bride. Months of preparation and look, just look at that smile. The power of a look that gives you confidence and makes you glow on your wedding day!!!!

Sleeves are big on trend at the moment I have a fabulous set of sleeves going out next week, hope the bride loves them as much as I do. 

Hair vines with leaves and simplicity just the order of the day in a gold or a rose gold. More to come on this idea. 

Bridesmaids I love something unique and personal that just makes your wedding a bit different and something that follows the flavour of the bride. Pale dove grey to a hint of lavenderandrose seem to be my favourite tone at the moment. I have enjoyed using these tones in my shop window at present. 

All this talk of babies seems to be affecting me. I love making my flowergirls to match the whole ensemble but you can never really start flowergirls until closer to the wedding. Also I have been thinking would you fancy classes to teach you how to sew little ones dresses?? Let me know your thoughts. Jo