Monday, 11 July 2016

Happy Memories

 The best thing in life is making Happy Memories and it is something I hope I help people do. Weddings are a happy time but sometimes for some people there is someone missing on that very special day. Life is tough and all we can do is make the best of a situation and be positive about the future. We can look back over life and have regrets but we should learn from them and make sure we look forward to a better future and making happy memories.

From your first visit right through to your wedding day, I hope all are happy memories, so that everytime you think back on your wedding build up & the Big day you have happy thoughts.
One of my brides kindly gave me this box which I now use for Photos, sketches and embroidery samples.
Bride's dress fitted and pressed ready for your Big day.
Why don't you decorate a box and put  items and photos in it that remind you of happy things from happy days foundations items to lots of accessories
Mens wear to buy and to hire.
Personalised details for individuals.
Men's ties and hankies to match.
Bridesmaids dresses made to match the brides detail.
The brides headdress and veil made to match the bride's dress.
Happy Memories, hopefully for all my Brides and Grooms.
Many couples look back at their wedding day with each anniversary and hopefully they have nothing but Happy Memories of that day.
Bride getting ready on her Big day
One of my bride's brought her dress back so that I could make a christening gown with the same detail on it.

This bride's Mum was with us in our thoughts on the Day and so I embroidered the Bride & groom's initials with an Irish harp.
Shoes & veil embroidered to match.

This bride's Mum was with us for the first fittings but sadly was taken just a few months before the final fitting, our happy memories of her being with us at the start kept us all going.

Best Memories all captured on camera.