Thursday, 24 June 2010

The chance of a Life time

It has been 25 years seen I have been back to the University of Ulster the Art College where I got my degree, June 1985. Gosh that takes me back a bit. It makes make think of the day I was meant to go to the Art College in the middle of our holidays and I forgot to go. Boy I have never been allowed to forget it! That was the day I could have spoken to H.R.H Princess Diana. It was her first visit to the province and one of her stops was the Art College. The Degree Shows were on and as my work they thought would have been of interest to her they had selected me to talk to her. However no-body told me till it was too late. I was at home listening to the news that she was in the province, at the college when the penny dropped!!! Thankfully I don't think I have ever forgotten anything important ever since.So brides don't worry I usually fulfill my commitments!
The wasn't missing this one! The College looked fantastic, it wasn't like this when I was here. It brought back loads of memories. I was very excited as to who I was going to meet. Would I see my old tutors and some fellow students? One sure thing was I was going to meet Zandra Rhodes!!!! You may not of heard of this person but your mother will have. You must look up and learn more about this character. She is one of the most influential people in the world of fashion. Her imagination, her inspiration, her use of colour and design, is extraordinary and unbeatable. She is brilliant! Zandra Rhodes defined British Fashion. Still with her coloured hair at the age of seventy she leads the way and has set up a museum of fashion and textiles in London, in the heart of Bermondsey. She is still full of passion and dedication to her work, what an inspiration to us all.
Thank you Zandra for taking time to visit Belfast and share with us your life experiences.