Sunday, 21 November 2010

How will a Royal wedding effect us?

With the news of a Royal Wedding next year it started a whole excitement and debate. I began dreaming of what it would be like to be asked to make Kate's dress! Imagine if one of my brides were to be a princess in the waiting, it certainly set me thinking. I like to think I treat each one of my brides as the most special bride in the world. I like to think that each bride thinks that the dress I make her is the best one I have ever made. Could I handle the pressure?

I remember Diana's wedding 30 years ago, big sleeves and bows. "We wanted the dress to be every girl's fantasy wedding dress." said the Emanuels. Sadly the use of paper sillk taffeta in Diana's dress still means that clients of mine today think that silk creases, when actually it is one of the least creasable natural fabrics that exists. My opinion was that the Emanuals choose the wrong silk. Within hours people were copying the notion, every girl could have that fantasy wedding dress!
It has brought back memories of the day I was meant to meet Princess Diana. My claim to fame!! I had bben told to be at the Art College at my degree exhibition in the middle of the summer holidays. I usually have a good memory but this day I was at home listening to the radio when I heard that a Royal visitor was at The University of Ulster's Art College! I had forgotten to go. My mum has never let me forget again. She heard from one of my tutors that I had ben choosen to speak to her as they thought that my work would have been of interest to her. At least she saw my work. If she had of been hear today would she have remembered me or rather my work, if only!! Dream on Joanne.
In 1985 I started my business,and was inspired in 1987 by Fergie's dress, will it was fantastic!! It made her look her very best and the embroidery was so personal and sensational. Lindka Cierach, you are a genius! As Sarah Ferguson said " there will never be a dress to match it..." Copycat creators where beat on this one. What would Katie pick? Lindka has said that whoever designs Kate Middleton's wedding dress should prepare themselves for a time of high pressure,fun and excitment . She said she loved it. It was really exciting but there was also a lot of pressure.

The chat in London is that Bruce Oldfield is doing it. I think she will choose "Made in Britain". If Oldfield does it it will be incredibly stylish and glamourous.. He was once Diana's favourite couturiers. Will she have much input or will she just wear what someone tells her? How much influence will her Mum have? How will she cope with the pressure of the world's eye on her?

I thought about it, how could someone take on that pressure. I guess that the wedding will be sooner than later maybe April and I know I have my bride's for April well underway.

Just this week I have been putting the finishing touches to a veil for one of my brides for April. As I sewed the beads on before she came to see the finished result, I knew I loved it and was so proud of this veil that I do believe that it is fit for a princess. This is something I could do for Katie, if you are out here Katie reading my blog and you still need a veil I would love to do it for you. What about the idea of the detail on it having roses for England, shamrocks for N Ireland, the Scottish thistle and a daffodil or two for Wales, tastefully done so that it didn't look too contrived. I think I would have to do an extra one or two just encase something happened it. I could do the veil but the dress, even though I have years of experience I would want more time on it. I think I would be terrified with the pressure and yet this is what I do everyday for all my brides .

HRH Princess Elizabeth's wedding dress in 1947 had the most fantastic embroidery work on it. By dress designer Norman Hartnell, it is hard to believe that less than three months before the wedding date the design was approved. The white silk satin came from a Scottish firm near Dunfermline but sadly it hasn't kept well. The weight of the embroidery has dragged the skirt down away from the bodice. The left sleeve was badly frayed and so you have to find a picture of it to see it at its best. When you find a picture notice Her veil it is fantastic. Or is that the 15 foot train that looks like a veil? Whether it is the train or the veil it is" Breath taking", the detail of the embroidery as it cascades on the carpet! Her shoe was drawn for Vogue as a symbol of good luck. Vogue said " we hope that their lives will be as smooth as its satin - their spirit as bright as its buckle - and their happiness as perfect as its shape."

Whatever Kate's choice it is all about the detail , we like to notice every detail when it comes to a wedding. Thee days with

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Plenty of Bridal dresses to see

Dresses of all colours and styles, off the peg, couture and vintage. There is so much choice you need assistance to make sure you get the perfect bridal dress for you. Your dress sets the theme for your Big Day. Get your gown right and you feel brilliant and cannot wait to wear your dress on one of the best days of your life. It should suit your size and shape and also your personality. If you need guidance this is the place you need to visit or if you know what you want have it made especially for you.
Some brides on the phone and visitors to my shop said that they were not sure if I would have many dresses for them to see. Believe me we probably have every shape and style to help you realise which is the dream dress for you. Call and visit so that you can see for yourself. Get help and advice on what is right for you.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Mother of the Bride and Groom

Mother of the Brides or Mother's of the Groom I am here to help you. If you need advice and want something different then why not come and visit the shop so that I can help you. We have outfits for you to try on and I can do a design especially for you then we choose the colour and take your measurements and you are sorted. I love to do the fascinator/ hat and accessories to match, even the jewellery.

Monday, 1 November 2010

A recent bridal survey conducted by Wedding Journal has revealed that the outlook is bright in Northern Ireland when it comes to organising the "big day" with a surprisingly 42% of couples stating that the current economic climate is NOT having an impact on their wedding plans - despite the fact that 58% of couples are paying for their wedding entirely by themselves without any external help from family members.

The Wedding Journal team understands how important choosing the right wedding dress and recently asked me to do their Style Stage. For anyone who has been to my shop you know how I can help you with what suits your figure and then listen to what your personal taste is and get the balance right. It is easy for me to do this in my shop as I have all my samples to help me guide and explain what I mean. However to take me out of my comfort zone and try to do this at one of their shows was just a step too far. In my shop it is a one to one consultation, personal and sincere. I was frightened that at the Kings Hall it would be the opposite and just look like I was trying to promote myself and not fisrt and foremost looking after my brides.