Sunday, 29 September 2013

More ideas for 2014 brides

Long elegant sleeves with areas that you see through and areas of delicate work.
Personally I like long sleeves rather than 3/4 sleeves as then tend to elongate the whole design and look in a picture or photo. Some how when you look at a photo or yourself in a mirror when you shorten the sleeve and hold your flowers, your arms look stumpy and out of proportion.
Big Skirts seem to be coming back into popularity, even a layered effect.

Back detail has always been important to everyone. Here is an idea that could be made that you could wear the dress with this shoulder idea for the start of your day and then for evening time it could be removed to make the dress a strapless dress.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

More inspiration

Here is some more inspiration for brides for 2014. This amazing shape is for a bride with confidence in her figure.
The delicate bead work  is all over the bodice of the dress, with the ability to sparkle in the sunshine or when the lights go on, defines every curve of the brides feminine shape.

The cala lilies compliment the shape of the dress.

Or what about this for elegance and romance. A delicate feature at the waist to show off a tiny waist and the detailing over the shoulders and on the bust line to frame the head and shoulders which will be in nearly every photo on "The day"

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Be inspired

It's that time of year when fashion shows around the globe show us what is in for next year. We have had the British Bridal Show and London Fashion week loads of inspiration and exciting ideas.

Embroidery and lace are so popular at the moment and it seems to be that there cannot be too much. layers and layers of detail and delights.

A dress idea with just areas of detail.
 A sample of embroidery work.
It is best to keep a scrapbook of your ideas so that you don't forget a good idea. Nowadays brides us pinterest to store their ideas but most brides like to keep their ideas private so that all their friends aren't getting an insight to the wedding theme before their "Big day". I suggest you do the same and if you want you can show me what you have in mind.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

More photos of summer weddings

I wanted to show you more of my summer work.

I am delighted to say this family came back for the third time to get a wedding dress especially made. It was lovely to be part of the preparations for the "Big Day"

These two fashion conscious ladies got me to make their  hats for them to complete the look.

Here are the little angels who made the day.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

OMG Where has the summer gone?

The summer shone and we needed the lucky umbrella for shade most of the time!!

Sorry it has been so long since I have found time to do my blog. I just don't know where the summer has gone.They say time flies when you are enjoying yourself!!

I have been sewing roses and flowers while my garden has been growing wild. " Wild flowers are in!!

Yesterday I had a young girl in who was mesmerized by me and my work. I never know whether to encourage young girls to follow my career path or warn them against it. I work all the hours I can in a day and there is never anytime to enjoy the sun (when we have it) in the summer. If I had of had time to have had any children I don't know that they would have followed my profession or by watching me they would probably have been totally put off, I live and dream it 24/7.

I thought I would share some of my work over the summer with you.

 Lace this summer was still the order of the day. I love it it shows my skills off at there best. Lace is quite often embroidery, people don't usually know the difference. This is a close up of a piece I worked for a MOG 's dress. The work incorporated two R's as this was the initials of the couple getting married. I didn't think to photo that area but I love the sentimental value it adds.
Shades of blue seemed to feature quite a lot this summer
Close up of the lace I worked for the neckline

The dress and jacket ready for collection
This is a groom's Mum's outfit that I have kindly been given a photo of the finished look. I dyed the shoes and bag and made the hat and the outfit.
So much nicer on the real model than my hanger, thanks.
However the "lucky umbrella" lost it's status and has had to be degraded to just "the umbrella" when the heavens opened and thunder roared and lightening struck.

The worst rain I had ever seen at one of my weddings, and it had to be a marque wedding!

Everyone put a brave face on.

Ready for off, but the rain was so hard we couldn't get into the cars!!

Waiting while the heavens opened and the thunder roared!

My bride was brilliant at coping with the unexpected deluge.

Plenty of time to photo the detail of the couples initials hidden in the embroidery.
The tiny flowergirl was getting anxious about the conditions.

The hairdresser carried the flower girls to the car to save them from getting soaked!

A break in the rain got the bride into the car. There had been a mock dress rehearsal for the bride getting into the car, however with the good weather we hadn't thought of the wet conditions. The car shone like a rainbow through the rain!