Sunday, 21 June 2015

Update on what I have been working on.

 They say if you want something done ask a busy person. Well as you can see I haven't been doing my blog so I thought I would update you with some of the work I have been doing.

The personal touch, bespoke, individual and all to match perfectly.

Making sure each client love the dress made especially for her.
A happy bride, confident that her dress makes her smile, so she is looking forward to wearing it on The Big Day.
I have been working on Off The Peg dresses too.
One of the Holy Communion dresses worked for May 2015
I have found that shorter dresses are very much in demand and very popular, I had one in the window which catch much attention. I still find my window helps bring clients in my door. People that have passed the window for years and then find the occasion so that they can come and see what I can do for them.
The notion of colour in bridal dresses is popular, this is a hand painted dress bursting within colour, in contrast to the texture of a lace or embroidered dresses. I love doing both, variety makes my work fun and different everyday.
One brides dress complete and ready for its Big Day.

A bridesmaids dress in soft chiffon with drape cowl neckline designed as a bridesmaid and able to be worn again as a evening dress.

Long sleeves on one of my wedding dresses for those who love the elegance of a  long sleeve .

A selection of dresses so that clients can see and try on examples of my work.

One of my brides dresses in progress, this is the early stages of a dress with the bodice embroidered to match a family heirloom ,a carrick- ma- cross veil.

Close up of the more finished look.
An evening dress made for a very special occasion.
So you can see I have been busy. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself!