Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Here Comes The Bride!,one Happy Family

What a fabulous way to arrive in style.
The Bride looking radiant ready for her Big Day.

Outside the City Hall at the water fountain.
Inside the Boys waiting for the bride
How Dicky is This Chap with his Dickie Bow?
Dicky Bows have been popular this year and I can make them to match the colour / theme of your wedding should it be polka dots, stars or stripes or even tweed.

The New Mr & Mrs
The Happy Family
Posing for photos!!

Lights, Camera, Action.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

More of what I have been up to Summer 2015

I like to think I can keep ahead of the game. If I follow the latest designers shows and listen to my brides that then I have a good idea of what direction to take for the next season.
As you saw from my last post I was following what the British Bridal designers were showing and selling to the shops for next year.
This means if there is a set trend I feel I need to follow I can work on it and be ahead of them shops.
Last year about this time I was working on a beaded idea for the back of a dress and I showed it to one of my brides as an idea and she loved it. Now that she has had her wedding I am delighted to be able to show you how it all turned out. 

My bride on the day of her last fitting, notice her headdress made to match. 
Back details have always been a strong consideration for brides as they imagine everybody is going to spend the whole time during the service looking at the back of their dress.

One of my photos, which never just capture all I want you to see.

My brides dress has embroidery detail  in areas with plain duchess satin showing through in areas rather than the idea of all over. Many of the shops have been following the lace trend and I find most girls who come to me want something a bit different.  

Plainer dresses are being asked for and I have worked away on some plain dresses knowing that when I show it to a bride I can listen to what she likes and work on ideas of embroidery and where to place them with her approval and the as a team we have both come up with the ultimate dress for Her.

Fuller dresses with box pleats or even just cut to fit the waist and then flare out as full as you want are back on the cat walks. I have even noticed that daywear dresses have taken on this trend, but I personally feel shorter and fatter in them and would only consider that style in a full length. When I have girls as me to do a 50's style I tend to do it longer than I see on the catwalks as I feel that is more flattering to my bride.

With any bride I love to put on different shapes and styles to help them work out what they feel good in. Sometimes once we find the skirt style then it is easier to have separate bodices to show lots of different variations as a more finished look rather than trying to put 2 dresses on at the same time ( I have to admit I have done that much to my brides amazement, anything if it helps get my point across). So I'm not surprised that with crop tops back in daywear the bridal designers have followed this idea for bridal. Great news that 2 piece creations are on the up as now my brides will be willing to go with the flow and try on both.
In store we have lots and lots of dresses for 2016 now for you to choose from.
Sleeves long or tiny are back in Vogue.

Personalised detail just adds the finishing touch to any dress and makes it yours. Here Joanne has a
J entwined with an R to create a bow using the couples initials. 

Accessories as always make or break an outfit, whether it is foundation garments or outer wear.
Belts are still popular and I can make one especially for you.
Shoes and shoe decorations are already available and can be made bespoke to match your dress from my shop.
This year one of the shoe firms I work with  are celebrating their 30th birthday.
But not only do I cater for the bride, I can help with the whole ensemble.
Here I sorted everything for the bride and the groom and the boys.

                                        It is important everyone feels good on Their Day.

So you are ready for that photo opportunity. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

News of what is to be in for 2016 from the British Bridal Catwalk Shows.

Thought I would share with you some of the sights at the British Bridal shows today with the latest on what will be available in the shops 2016.

Plenty of Glitz and Glamour

Still lots of Lace

Tails are back for the men in a dark charcoal grey.

Lovely back detail the same as what I did for some of my brides this year

Big full skirts and lots of two piece ensembles

The stage is set for the BBAwards tonight.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Summer 2015 madness!

Sorry it has been sometime since I blogged but I don't know where time goes. I have been busy working away. Thought I must share some of my photos of what I have been up to this summer.
Girls, Girls, Girls, let the fun begin.

Wait until you see and hear the whole story. Here you can see the embroidered shoes and headdress, choker and bracelet. 

If you look carefully you can see that the belt matches the headdress in the former photo. Also on the dress' left hand shoulder you will see a heart with the word Daddy which was to be worn inside the dress on the brides' heart.

This bride was very clear in her taste and what she wanted. She tried on dresses with me until she decided exactly what she wanted. We all agreed and we decided to show off her lovely figure. She selected a lace with personalised detail and added sparkle. One day she described the shoes she wished for to go with it and just as luck would have I had the very shoes in her size waiting for her. As you can see from the photos the belt on her dress matched the headdress I did for her. The colour of the bridesmaids dresses/flowergirls dresses was clear from the start. The bride had seen two flower girls dresses that she just fell in love with and these set the theme for the rest of the ensemble. So I had to dye some vintage lace that I had to the exact colour and decorate it accordingly.

The dresses all ready to go.

The bride fortunately found shoes already the colour of the girls dresses and bought them months before the wedding but as their feet kept changing sizes as the wedding got closer it took me to put a bespoke elasticated band to hold them on. It would have been possible to have put a ribbon either side like the brides shoes but because there was already a bow the other idea seemed best. The bouquets were all especially made for each girl and since buttons were in the theme I made sure everyone had some.

As I mentioned before I made a heart with a lace edge and embroidered it with "Daddy", the bride also had a button in her bouquet with her dad's photo on it. Sadly when the bride was only 2 years old her Dad had died. Mum was to give the bride away on her day and so we had to do an outfit for Mum which made her feel confident and would help her through a very emotional day. The day of the wedding would have been her 50th wedding Anniversary!

Mum already had her shoes and bag so all I had to do was to make the hat and do it to suit Mum and match the outfit. 

But let me finish by remembering the other person in this wedding "The Groom", we hide his initials with the brides in the embroidery on her veil.
 Thank you to my beautiful bride for having me out to dress her and the girls, sorry my photos are not better but you get a good idea for the  whole story.
Best wishes may you and your groom have 50 happy years together.