Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dress for Malta

I was asked to take part in a photo shoot that was to take place out in Malta.
I had been told that Caroline Connor from Mode of London would be my model. This was great for me to know as I don't like the thought of a dress going to a photo shoot that I haven't a clue exactly what size and height the girl wearing my dress is going to be . I can't help being a perfectionist, it just seems to be one of my characteristics.
So what was my dress for this occasion going to be, well this is what I came up with.

I decided that if you were planning a wedding aboard, where you were getting married might be the inspiration for The Dress.
The bride would want a dress that could travel well,and be right for the bride, the occasion and venue that the couple had chosen.
So I decided on an ivory crepe de chine silk which would be cool and crease resistant , perfect for Malta.

The idea of a simple dress with a detachable train so that when the time came the bride could decide train on or train off, even wear the train as the veil. This idea not only meant that the dress was easy to wear and easy to transport but it also meant it was adaptable through the Big day.

As to the detail, I started researching Malta in March, when the photo shoot was to take place and worked out that Almond orchards would be in blossom and this sparked the idea for my detail on the dress.
I imagined the buds and flowers bursting in the sunshine just like our apple trees in armagh in the month of May.

Tiny beads and pearls enhance the embroidery so that the detail would sparkle in the sunlight.
Close up of the work on the train.
The dress finished ready for it's experience in Malta.
 I did get the offer to go with it, but as you can imagine this is one of my besets times of year and i think my brides would have noticed me missing in work even for a short period of time.
just to add to my work load it was suddenly mentioned that a young girl from here had won a competition to model a dress at the Malta shoot could I provide a bridesmaid's dress also.
watch this space for news on what I decided for Amber.

Then there were the accessories for the girls to wear that would match their dresses!!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Some of my latest work.

Sorry it has taken so long, but every time I went to do a blog I either had some technical trouble or work to do.
 Hopefully i have resolved some of my technical problems by replacing some of my very old equipment. Nowadays it is not only your work you are trying to do and your shop window but also your website,your blog and your Facebook page. As long as I'm getting my work done and keeping my brides happy,hopefully my blog can wait.
 I intend this weekend to share some of the work that has been keeping me busy.