Thursday, 17 August 2017

Best Day Ever

It would be nice to think that all my brides would happily say that it was their "Best Day Ever"

From start to finish that's what we hope will happen. Let me share one brides days photos by Mark Barton, they say it prefectly. 

Happy Birthday Bride of mine!!! Jo

Monday, 14 August 2017

Your Dream Wedding

It doesn't seem fair that the rain can come and spoil what you had planned in your mind for your Wedding Day. you think summer is full of sunshine and just the odd shower!

But this wedding had rain rain rain, and the Crawfordsburn Inn had the fires lit for a summer wedding.

Everyone did there best to get the bridal party in without getting too wet. 

I struggled to get good photos as I don't like using a flash when the official photographer is doing his work. I just managed to get this shot of the couples initials embroidered on the wedding dress. 

Hope you can manage to see the wellies holding the flowers  as the theme for the wedding was on a country farming theme.

Had to share these characters with you, the fabulous farm animals.

Sorry this photo is so bad but I had a long lense on so as not to intrude and it was struggling with the low light. (Hopefully I live and learn, next time on a dark day a different lense.)


In contrast my wedding in Mallorca was so bright!!

The MOB decorating the church.

Decorations at the out door venue, able to be prepared hours before the time with the promise of sunshine.

The shell beach theme for this wedding.

All the guests got fans to keep them cool with the heat of the sun, this was one of the young ladies who loved the camera.

The happy couple signing the marriage certificate.

What more can you want than The Best Day Ever!!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

1917 -2017

Wait till you here this wonderful fact, This is St Marks Church, Newtownards 

100 years ago at the time of the 1st World War this couple got married there. 

In the words of my bride Mel "My Granda and Granny Maxwell , Charlie and Georgina , on their wedding day ." 

This is a photo of St Marks Church this year, 100 years on, with the flowers by Marie Cafolla to decorate the church for a very special wedding.

The bride Mel gets married in the same Church as her granny and granddad to her new husband. 

It's a lovely live story, this couple worked together for years helping patients with cancer. Once they retired they realised how much they missed each other and love blossomed. Thankfully Mel asked me to make her wedding dress which was a pleasure and delight. 

It was a chiffon dress with a Nottingham lace over layer lace bodice. The lace was a vintage lace I purchased from a man called Mr Arthur Beesley who had his lace factory in Nottingham 25 yrs ago. 

I was able to dye the lace to be the exact colour that Mel wanted. 

A sparkly belt and buttons completed the look. Thanks to everyone it was a perfect day. 

Photos by Stuart Macrory Photography

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Sunshine & Shots

When the sun shines here there is no better place to be. So we have to take advantage of it while we can. 

Here are some photos of dresses we have for you so when you are ready to come and try some on just give us a ring and make an appointment.