Thursday, 9 August 2018

This weeks inspiration

#getinspired the hashtag on our TV screens during these European Championships from Glasgow and Berlin and Sunflowers have been my recent Inso.
I have been excited to see the fabulous photos of the girls on Instagram of flowers in our own Omagh.  Lovely to see something sunny and cheerful when we think that it is 20years since that terrible tragedy

Here's Lynsey from Down the Hatch N Ireland celebrating her birthday and as usual promoting all the good things in Northern Ireland and of course the food!!

It reminded me of this wedding when I worked personalised embroidery for each flower girl at this wedding.

This summer has been a really hot one probably why the sunflowers have done so well in N Ireland. Some people say yellow is a sign of madness I personally feel it is invigorating and its certainly a colour I will associate with 2018.
I have been working away on brides ensembles and bringing on new ideas for my 2019 clients.

Monday, 23 July 2018

It seems that brides finally get my message, 'go for what suits you and makes you happy pick something special and unique for you.' Instead of following the crowd and wearing the same as someone else it's easier and better to have something especially made for you. Choose your best shape, your best colour and then the detail.

It's even more cost effective as you aren't paying for a dress that's finished and someone has to do extra work to make it fit or gem it so that you can walk in it. Pay once for the job to be done right first time. The other advantage is that if you suddenly decide it suits better to change a bit you can do at the right time.

Watch out for shops who let you get carried away the first day you are out trying on and they rush you into a decision. Enjoy every second of planning your Big Day it's part of your memory if it. If you have a bad experience take care to guard yourself as you really want every second of planning your wedding to be perfect. Don't just say 'that will do' you will regret that. Take your time make sure you are making the right choice for You.

I won't touch dresses from other shops but I will help you with accessories such as shoes, foundation garments, headdresses and veils.

Recently a bride who had been looking for her headdress for over a year, luckily
found me on Instagram and after we meet up and I found out what she was looking for I was able to make it for her. This is the end result.

I was commissioned to do a bespoke veil to match a dress that a Belfast Bride had bought in another shop. It was a Rime Arodaky dress with embroidery work on the sleeves. I was too glad she got me to make it especially for her as just a week before the wedding I saw another bride in the same dress and I was so upset that that could have happened!! At least my bride with her bespoke veil was able to say her veil had been made especially for her and it made her ensemble unique.

Monday, 9 July 2018

A christening robe fit for a royal.

Such a special occasion celebrating the birth of your baby. 

Today this wee one has his christening. 

So often a christening gown is passed down for generations, which for me is an exciting prospect as in years to come the thought of someone still being able to use it is perfect. 

So just like any mother it's important to get this right. 

This former bride brought her dress back to me for me to make it into two gowns for these to angels. 

So each had to have her own unique personalised robe. 

Spot the subtle difference?


Saturday, 30 June 2018

Bespoke Bridal

It means having your bridal dress made especially for you. However it doesn't have to mean that it will cost you more than a similar dress that you have seen. Some bridal shops mark up the dress they have brought in three times. This allows me to give you traffic value for money in competition to this. 

It means you can work with me on the things you know you like and want. 

It means we can work together on ideas as your dress shapes up on you. 

It means you can decide on details as your bridal dress is being made. 

It means that your dress is the perfect fit. 

It means that you are not paying someone to take your dress apart to alter it and to put it back together again. 

It means you get exactly what you want. 

It means you worry less as you see it getting better every fitting. 

It means you have no doubts as any doubts are ironed out early on. 

It means everything is perfect by the time it is finished and pressed and ready for your Big Day. 

Say Yes to having your dress custom made for you. 

And have whatever detail you want embroidered on it. 
Or have a plain dress with a bespoke embroidered veil, I love making bespoke bridal veils. ✨

Monday, 25 June 2018

Glorious Summer Sunshine

Well we can't complain we are getting the most fabulous summer weather, what better place to be when the sun shines. Thankfully my workroom makes me feel at one with the outside and so Im happy to work away well everyone else is outside enjoying the sunshine.

At present I'm working on a headdress with tiny pearls and Swarovski crystals. 

I'm doing some bespoke veils for my new venture. 

Dyeing and decorating shoes. 

I have been inspired to do a birdcage veil after seeing R&R's latest photo shoot. 

And I'm doing my best to inspire others to do some embroidery 

It's perfect and what's better than catching a glimpse of the recent real GOT celebrity wedding such a delightful photo capturing the mood of the day. 

Been inspired by the lovely detail on the dress. 

And I have been working on some bespoke embroidery. 

Sunday, 3 June 2018

A dream come true.

It's lovely when it is former customers who recommend their friends and family to come to me to have their wedding ensemble made for them.

This is us checking every exact detail is in the perfect place and the fit is perfect.  
It was even more special once I realised that the two girls who were this brides bridesmaids, both their Mums were former brides of mine. 
And thanks to them for sharing some of the wedding photos of them all on the day. 

So when at the same time a former bride came with her twins to get her bridal dress made into christening robes you can only imagine how delighted I was. 

These two cuties came to make sure I got to know them better and the fit right as they quickly grew everytime I saw them. 
I think this is Emma and not April. 
This is definitely Emma, having a fitting. 
So what more could I ask for? Without all my lovely customers and those that come back, it's like an extending family. Thank you all of you. 💕

Thursday, 24 May 2018

My latest thoughts and work

Wow, after all the Royal Wedding excitement I need to settle into my real work. I always have so many ideas and not enough time to get to them all. Flora and fauna being big on my mind at present and the idea of working on some veils to show you the embroidery work I could do. 

I saw this fabulous image 

And loved everything about it. No it wasn't at Chelsea!! It was online and I told the florist that's where she and it should be!! If I truly did have a magic wand , like I tell my flower girls that's where me and my husband would be this week. However I will 'Dare to Dream' as I hope one day to make a point and go back there. For now I will just have to keep an eye on the television. 

This days even though I worry about Facebook and Instagram I can't ignore there presence. I put off using them for as long as possible but realise that to keep in contact with many of you I have to!! Some of you said it was the only way you saw my work. While others of you didn't necessarily bother to look on my blog unless I inspired you to look. Now on Instagram I have a page to inspire you with different embroidery's, in the hope you will have a go yourselves. For me embroidery is a fabulous way of taking time to sit down and think while you are doing something productive. All feedback if interest to me, about anything I try to do. 

Learn to sew with Jo give it a go!!

This is RHS Chelsea's flower if the year!

Thought this was a good idea!

So while I have been watching RHS Chelsea I have been sewing away too. 

Always too many ideas, I will never have nothing to do. 

And I have been thinking about the sad Manchester victims a year on. Nothing like a bee to cheer you up when it's an embroidered one, a real one ( well Prince Harry knows how scary that one is)!!

To make my week complete my bride just sent me some of her photos of her Big Day.


Looks like All the girls had a fun time, don't they look fab? Hope you have had a good week and been out enjoying that sunshine! All comments welcome!!