Sunday, 30 December 2012

Review of the Year

It started off as a quiet year and then I did an radio advert to make sure the new brides in Northern Ireland knew I was still keen to make " the dress of their dreams".
And hopefully that is what I did.
Thank you to brides, my brides Mum's, grooms mum's, babies wanting christening robes and girls wanting Holy Communion dresses and also bridemaid's and girls for their formal dresses, thanks to you all.
Thanks to the models that wore my dresses at the Titanic fashion Show we did, it rounded off the year.
Now it is your turn to do a review, write one on for me.
Happy New Year to all my clients,ones in the past and ones who I look forward to working with in the future.


Monday, 17 December 2012

Off the peg party frocks

If you need a dress for a party and you want some designed 4U direct 2U  arrange for a consultation.

  Also there are dresses off the peg for you to choose from.

         If you know the colour you want  lets start there.
     If you know the shape that best suits you,  let us make you feel fabulous.
      Do you want lots of bling or just a little or none at all?
       Choose  a flattering neckline that will fit you perfectly.
      A long or short dress which ever suits you best.
    Your dress can be personalised to be unique to your requirements.
   You can have your dress made in your size and the colour you want.
Your dress could be designed for your wedding and then restyled to be your favourite party dress.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Party frocks, it's party time

It is interesting to watch what the celebrities are wearing at any time of the year but nothing bets an excuse for a party frock.
How about something fun , sparkly and textured, notice the neckline forget strapless and the belt to accentuate the waist, ultra elegant.
Gucci in Gold, glamorous & great.

Fun and colourful, inspired by flowers an Alexander McQueen, again more covering at the shoulders .

 The one shoulder idea with a gathered belt at the waistline giving fabulous height. The gold colour is so festive and fabulous.

The peplum idea fun and feminine by Louis Vuitton
An elegant "A line" skirt in this dress by Ralph Lauren

Or how about this one, Christian Dior, a soft floaty look with the highlight of the gold sequins.
Hope these give you some ideas for the party season

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ideas for brides

Brides and their maids are increasingly searching for a bespoke look - with the internet girls can see ideas from so many designers but need someone to help them with what suits them and how to put the look together.
Bespoke beaded detail can personalise any style of dress.

Popular at the moment and an idea I love is changing the look as the day turns to evening. You don't need two separate gowns just by clever overlays.  A subtle over lay  of embroidery during the day and a sparkly or embellished overlay for the evening. The overlay can have a cap sleeve or even a long sleeve or no sleeve. Alternatively a  bride can simply take off an overlay to reveal a strapless gown and then add an embellishment of a belt.
The overlay can be plain  with or without a belt.
Lace overlay idea

Embroidered overlay with a sleeve.

A beaded belt just below the wasitline.

A beaded belt could be worn on lots of dresses.

A floral belt with a different colour

A plain belt worn with a bow.
The belt for a change of look at night time could be a strong colour like this one.
Black is always fabulous with ivory,cream or white and definitely very suitable for evening wear.

The overlay could be black for evening wear.
Lots of ideas that will make your outfit orginial and that can be worn again and again and again with different dresses.

Friday, 30 November 2012

It's cold wrap up

As the winter days get colder some ideas for how to wrap up and look good.

Wrap up, look and feel good this winter.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Making the decison

Everytime I chat to a bride I realise the number of decisions there have to be made before the BiG day.
The date, the venue, the number of guests, the menu,the entertainment, but of course to me and I think for my brides the dress is one of the BiG decisions. Anything I can do to help the bride make her decision I will try. It is not always obvious.

 To start what shape suits best.
 A fuller style skirt or a more fitted figure hugging style.

Should there be a veil, what way should your hair be.

Do you need something to cover you up or to keep you warm?
Or something different?

And something personal.

And if we haven't got what you are looking for I can just make it for you.
Once you are happy I know I have done my job correctly.