Monday, 10 August 2015

Take your Time and Enjoy Every Second

Quite often I give this advice out to my brides but do any of us take time to do this?
Once you start planning your wedding time flies and things can get a bit out of proportion.

 Happy News from a Former bride

Then plans lead to more excitement and the years just fly in.
More Happy news from another Former Bride
Life in the fast lane and we have to juggle our hours to get everything done.
Happy News for a Potential Bride
Spend time with your friends and family making Happy Memories. This bride's girl friends surprised her with the limousine for a Special day to remember, perfect.

Take time and Enjoy every second.

Happy Memories this week for a Former Bride who text me to remind me of 10yrs ago.
"Hi Joanne,
10 years ago today was my wedding day and you made my dress for me! I still absolutely love it and try it on every year! Luckily it still fits and my daughter Mya loves to pretend to be my flower girl. Thank you so much for such a beautiful dress. Love,
These will be Happy memories that everyone will always remember.

Listening to what a Bride wants, giving advice on suitable shapes, then ultimately helping them choose their dream wedding dress is very special to me. It is important to me to listen to the bride and make her feel very special. 

A recent Bride who I actually made her Mum's wedding dress for also, same church some of the same characters, what a Day to remember.
To do this as long as I have and for as many people as I can has meant that I have lived at a very fast and intense pace. Recently one of my best friends from school suddenly and without warning took ill and has ended up in hospital in intensive care. Each day she is there it makes me think how foolish I am that I don't take more time to enjoy every second of life because none of us know when we won't have tomorrow. So this is a piece of advice I want to share. Take time to look after yourselves, eat good food, take time to de stress, look after each other. We only get one go at this life make good every second you can.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Dare to Dream what harm can it do.

April 2013 I was contacted by a girl asking me about having her Wedding Dress made, not an unusual question I hear you say, but there was an added anxiousness! This girl was worried I wouldn't or couldn't make her dress. I had heard this one before only it was an anxious mother who had a daughter that she thought was just too hard to please! Was this going to be a difficult bride?
Each brides dress starts with plan and then as we go we perfect it.
I like to meet any girl that is interested in me making their dress so that I can work out how well we will get on and whether we can work as a good team.  I usually  know quite quickly if we will be able to work together. This bride had to trust me as even I had nothing to put on to help her decide on her shape of dress. Normally I would try dresses on to help both of us gather what is going to look best. 

Even famous people dream of finding the right person and having their dream day.
Declan & Ali enjoying their Big day.

There is nothing like a smile to reveal how happy you feel.

This bride couldn't just go into a shop and try on dresses until she found her dream dress! She needed  to find someone who could make her a bespoke dress. Just like Ali who had designer Phillipa Lepley make her a special dress for her day, it takes a brave girl. All my bride's life her mum had helped with clothes to suit every occasion but her wedding dress was up a level it needed embroidery skills and precision detailing. So this was the start of what is to come.
The Dream dress at the very early stages.(Before)
                       The bridesmaid testing the early stages of her dress.
(During) When you just keep dancing in your dress, I know my client is happy which makes me happy.
The arrival of the Bride on her Big day this June 2015
A Very Special Bride, who dreamt of this day.

& (After) confident, out mixing with the crowd.
Even her shoes had to be special, and to make sure they were perfect the bride encrusted them herself.
Thanks to this couple for sharing their story. Here is what my bride said when I asked could I put her pictures on my blog.
"Go for it! You can talk about my height and all!! I think its great to show a positive side to it all! So many people like me think they wont get married - well i didnt when i was growing up!! The condition is called achondroplasia - most common form of dwarfism! "

Through out the whole process we not only had mum to keep us right but a dedicated bridesmaid, a budding photographer and assistant who beamed with enthusiasm from day one.

A very special Chief Bridesmaid.

It is thanks to this bride that she has let me share her story. 

                   And I hope this little star continues to shine and fulfils lots of her dreams.