Friday, 28 May 2010

The Trip of a Life Time

Girls, I have just had the time of a life. I got an invite to a Bridal Designers meeting in London. The area we stayed was fantastic, full of beautiful buildings, shops and restaurants. As we walked from the train to our hotel we passed a lovely Italian Bridal designers Shop, things were looking prosperous! Oh my Goodness! a certain hat designer was just across the road. Nuala, which was the hat you had seen at £950?I think he must have got his idea for Camilla's hat from the gates at Buckingham Palace. I was excited. I could feel my batteries being charged minute by minute. I was ready to move to London, inspiration everywhere, I just needed a million or 2 or 3 to buy a tiny establishment. We could live upstairs and have the shop downstairs. It would definitely be a down size though, I am spoilt for space in my shop here with over 3000 square feet, What would that cost in London? However I love the buzz, clients with money we only dream of,walking distance to lots of parks and everything on hand in the heart of the capital.
I found myself in St James Park taking in the planting, the ducklings and the sun shine. All dressed for the meeting I was meant to be going to but sitting on the grass happy where I was. Then the phone rang, it was someone who I consider one of the most influential people in the bridal industry " Hi Joanne, where are you??" "Mmm!!! I am sitting in the park taking in the rays- is this what you call sunshine!!" I said. " Joanne are you not meeting at the Saatchi Gallery?? Give me half an hour or so and i will join you. Let's go to Harrods for High Tea".
Brilliant!!The time flew and we chatted so much we didn't realise they were throwing us out of Harrods it was closing time. Then we jumped into a taxi and off to a fabulous hotel. We went 15 floors up and saw views all over London it was incredible. We had food too. I could get used to this.
Next morning finally I had to go and do some work. It all seemed a bit imtimidating, everyone was on tender hooks. It was a bit posed. There was an exciting Australian jewellery designer from Sydney who had a friendly girl, whose Dad lived in Belfast, telling us about his work. I think was my favorite part of the day. I meet up with other people with the same interests and we compared notes and ideas.
That bit over now I could go shopping for all the interesting things I can get in London that we don't have at home. Fabrics , beads and buttons all things nice.
It doesn't end here, there was more to come.
Well for those of you who know me,if I tell you I was staying an extra day have you worked out why? There were exhibitors staying at the same hotel. Could they get me in? So close and yet so far. Tickets had been sold out for months. It didn't look good my chances seemed bleak. But don't give up there try harder!!
It was walking distance, the crowds were gathering. There was a girl and fellow dressed as Adam and Eve with very few clothes on!! Did you need to dress like this to get in? I know it was sunny!!
Two ladies from my Flower Club had been selected to exhibit. It was a once in a life time,it was worth a try. So I found an offical in a pin striped suit. I told him my plea, he heard my accent and he got me in. It was meant to be! I actually felt a tear
I couldn't believe I was more overcome with excitement at getting in to this than any Bridal Show. Where was I ?? The Chelsea Flower Show, it was heaven, flowers everywhere. This is the best show I have ever been too. Anyone slightly interested in gardening and plants most make it one of there top 10 things to do. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was brilliant. My faith in human beings was restored for now and my batteries were recharged ready for work.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Well done everyone you have done a fabulous job. Brilliant King size Hanging baskets especially made by Nuala and Anne.
There is going to be dancing on the chequed floor!!
Good Luck and what a day to have a wedding!!
This is the girls doing the finishing touches.
I hope you all have a wonderful day, best wishes Joanne

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Yet again I am behind on my blogging!! My excuse is that I had an almighty cold or the flu and was struggling to keep going with my work load let alone do my blog too!! I haven't many new photos but my resolution is to make myself take a photo every week and keep you up to date with my latest work.
I seem to have a notion for brooches at the moment. It is something that you can use to embellish an outfit and then reuse again on another outfit.