Headdresses and Shoes and Hats

The latest in Shoes for 2015

I promised you some sketches and I don't know where the time has gone and I need to do more, 

but in the meantime here are some shoes in our collection this year.

there are lace sandals, lace shoes with toes in and lace handbags to match. Pointy shoes, platform shoes and practically every shape and style to suit every shape and fit.
All our shoes can be dyed to match or contrast your outfit.
 You can have sparkly shoes with bags to match or your shoes sparkled to your own specific requirement.

 Shoes with ankle straps to fit secure and snug no matter where you want to go.
 Extra wide fit EEE with a good steady heel with a platform to make you taller than they feel.

 And shoes with decoration , shoe clips are back on the go, we have several different ones to choose from.

All hats are individually made from a wide range of materials and can be made to match outfits. The best outfit can be ruined by a poor choice of hat. The worst outfit can be transformed completely. They can give you great confidence, and add colour and style to any outfit.”

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