Monday, 4 January 2010

Finally the Day Dream of Your Dreams

It took too long to arrive for this Bride, she could not wait for her Big Day to come. Rain ,hail or snow she was going to enjoy it. Snow it did, this was the biggest amount of snow at any of my weddings in 25 years. It looks lovely in photographs but it can be a nightmare for organisers and for the guests. The ice and the poor road conditions made it dangerous.
First and foremost the bride was well looked after.
I went out to dress her just to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. There were plenty of buttons that take a long time on this one.
Her dress will probably end up cleaner than a dress on a sunny fine day as it will have been so well lifted and laid.
If you look at the photos you can see I made the headdress and the brooch detail on the front of her dress to match. Thank fully with the cold we had done a jacket just to keep the chill away.