Sunday, 31 January 2016

How do you decide which bridal dress is for you.

 Not everyone has a clear picture in mind as to what they want or even what suits them best. Sometimes trying on lots of dresses helps you and then sometimes it just confuses you more.
Firstly I think it is best to decide on the budget for your dress so that you don't get carried away. Take someone with you that knows you and that you can trust to help you pick the right one.  Your Mum will be keen to be involved  and she will want what is best for you. Often a friend is excited to be asked and you will have chosen her as you feel she will be a good help.
 Try on the shapes you think you might want to see if they flatter you, while you are doing that also look at the different necklines to see if you have a preference. Maybe while you are trying on different dresses you will work out which fabric you like and before you know it you will have the basics of what you do want.

Back detail, is important to a lot of brides

Lace with or with out sparkle, which do you prefer?

Headdresses and veils, complete the look of the ensemble.

The fit of each dress is so important to me until a dress fits perfectly I don't like anyOne to photo it!!

A strapless dress if it doesn't fit well is terrible as the poor bride can't run around and enjoy herself without worrying what the dress is doing.

I want everything to coordinate and be perfect!!

Still big in bridal fashion at present is lace and drape.

It would be great to go for something different but do brides want different?

I love being able to help brides work out what it is they want and finding it for them. If I don't have it  hopefully I have given you the best advice to help you find it.  I know I can always make it for you but sometimes that is not within every brides budget. A one to one consultants on with me only costs £25 I could save you that in petrol because once you know what you want and that it suits you then you can save time and money. I look forward to meeting you. Joanne

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Be inspired for the year ahead.

Tulle skirts with a fitted waistline are popular for this years brides.
Have any of you seen the latest Hello Mag with the photos of Alex Jones' wedding dress. She had a portrait neckline encrusted with sparkle, a fitted bodice nipped in at the waist with a belt, flowing into a big ball gown skirt with lots of layers of tulle. 

Not everyone suits a high neckline so here we have a sweetheart neckline with a bodice band highlighting a tiny waist. Sleeves can easily be worked with this idea.

Strapless dresses aren't as popular but it is easy to have detachable straps or embellished capes that can be worn at anytime  on your day to give you two looks.

Soft floating fabrics are popular this year worked in A line skirts and can be designed as a detachable train.

And then there is the detail, lace is still a big influence on many bridal dresses. If you love it you can have it all over and if you feel that is too much for you just use it to highlight areas.

For brides that want a less traditional look, two piece ensembles are very popular. Shorter at the front and longer at the back, showing off fabulous shoes is an idea. A hint of colour whether it's for the bride or the bridesmaid.

Box pleats onto a waistband is proving popular in everyday wear and bridal.

I love this longer at the back look. I have just used it for a girls formal dress and she just loved the look and feeling giving her more height and freedom.

A bit of embroidery detail gives everything a personal touch.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

All tied up (bow ties)

What a start to the New year  for lots of happy couples but not least our Newtownards bride Christine and her now husband Frank.

Thank you Christine for the beautiful choice of dress and veil to inspire many girls to have long sleeves and a beautiful embroidered long veil.

While Frank sported the very popular Bow tie, which suits being made up in lots of fabrics to suit each wedding ensemble.

Here is one I did earlier for some page boys so that they would match in with the men.

So girls whatever your ideas for 2016, if you need help and want something special or different give me a ring!
Congratulations top everyone that got engaged!

Friday, 1 January 2016

Looking back over the Years of Wedding Dresses

This year I celebrated 30years in business. If you want to go back over 100years of Wedding Dresses watch this
While here are a few of my weddings.