Saturday, 25 August 2018

The joys of being your own Boss!

No matter how long I have been doing this I still wake in the middle of the night thinking about work. Ideas, I have always had too many and don't know which one to start first. This is why working for clients really suits me, as when I'm designing a bespoke item  you ultimately are working to fit the exact brief of the client and so I don't get side tracked. However I always have more ideas and not enough hours to fulfil them all. Deadlines keep my mind on focus.

When you are your own boss you have to hope that your present customers are so happy with your work that they in turn tell their friends and you eventually get further work. Social media is another way of spreading the news but the best way is for people to contact me so that we understand and work out what is best. 

As your own boss you have to be good at everything. Winning and satisfing customers, marketing and selling, designing and making, finishing and photographing, after this comes paperwork and book keeping, dressing the window and networking; never a switch off. 

Ideas and inspiration is the easy part. I remember a lady telling when I was doing my degree ' enjoy every second you can now experimenting as once you start earning your keep you won't have time to play!' So true once you go into work you need to do your paying work before the playing. 

It's the drive to get playing that pushes me to work more hours. Research and development is essential to keep up to date. 

Always put your best foot forward! 

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Steph & Tim's wedding gets featured in Confetti


Mount Stewart was the ideal location for Steph and Tim's wedding!Having known each other since school, Steph and Tim’s journey down the aisle began with a super romantic trip to Australia. Tim, a marine biologist, drew the words “Will you marry me?” in the sand on a deserted island off Mission Beach in Queensland. “Tim had duck taped up the ring box to make sure there were no ring disasters. It was a complete surprise but something Tim had been planning for a while,” recalls Steph.
“We had quite a long engagement. Having known each other so long, we weren’t in any rush to get married. The plan was to buy a house before spending so much money on one big day. But being inspired by Mount Stewart and deciding on this venue started our planning, and we got married 11 months later!” they told us.

“Not only does Mount Stewart have the stunning manor house and incredible award-winning formal gardens, but also the extensive walks around the lake and surrounding woodland. On one visit it came up in conversation, wouldn’t this be a lovely place to get married… and the planning stemmed from there.”

When it came to budgeting, the couple spent the bulk of their overall cost on the venue and making sure the catering (and drinks of course!) were top notch, and opted to DIY the rest. “We both enjoy being creative so the DIY element added a personal touch to the process. This included making all our stationary and wedding decorations. Tim is great with Photoshop so designed all the save the dates and invites. It was a lot of cutting and sticking to put it all together! Tim also made wooden crates from reclaimed wood for the bar.”

Steph admitted that there was a slight hiccup on the day, but in the best kind of way. “We planned for the forecast bad weather so bought umbrellas, ponchos and blankets for the guests. However we hadn’t anticipated glorious sunshine and guests getting sunburned!

“After the speeches and dinner, we loved seeing all the guests grab a drink and wander out to enjoy the evening sunshine, play lawn games and potter around the lake. Everyone was really relaxed and gearing up for the night ahead.”

What would the couple’s words of wisdom be for anyone planning or leading up to their wedding? “Enjoy the whole process,” they advised. “Don’t see it as just one day, enjoy the build up and the months running up to it to make the most of it all.”


Mount Stewart
North Down Marquees
Francis Meaney Photography
Joanne Ferguson, Newtownards
Kurt Geiger
Headpiece and Veil
Handmade by Joanne Ferguson
Chi Chi London
Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer
John Rocha at Debenhams
The Flower Room, Holywood
ProHair by Catherine
Rebecca Bryson
Ceremony and Reception Music
Ulster String Quartet
Sarah Harkness vis Dance 'Til Tomorrow
Posh Nosh
Klass Cars
Portfolio of Fine Diamonds
Lunn's Belfast

Thursday, 9 August 2018

This weeks inspiration

#getinspired the hashtag on our TV screens during these European Championships from Glasgow and Berlin and Sunflowers have been my recent Inso.
I have been excited to see the fabulous photos of the girls on Instagram of flowers in our own Omagh.  Lovely to see something sunny and cheerful when we think that it is 20years since that terrible tragedy

Here's Lynsey from Down the Hatch N Ireland celebrating her birthday and as usual promoting all the good things in Northern Ireland and of course the food!!

It reminded me of this wedding when I worked personalised embroidery for each flower girl at this wedding.

This summer has been a really hot one probably why the sunflowers have done so well in N Ireland. Some people say yellow is a sign of madness I personally feel it is invigorating and its certainly a colour I will associate with 2018.
I have been working away on brides ensembles and bringing on new ideas for my 2019 clients.