Thursday, 9 August 2018

This weeks inspiration

#getinspired the hashtag on our TV screens during these European Championships from Glasgow and Berlin and Sunflowers have been my recent Inso.
I have been excited to see the fabulous photos of the girls on Instagram of flowers in our own Omagh.  Lovely to see something sunny and cheerful when we think that it is 20years since that terrible tragedy

Here's Lynsey from Down the Hatch N Ireland celebrating her birthday and as usual promoting all the good things in Northern Ireland and of course the food!!

It reminded me of this wedding when I worked personalised embroidery for each flower girl at this wedding.

This summer has been a really hot one probably why the sunflowers have done so well in N Ireland. Some people say yellow is a sign of madness I personally feel it is invigorating and its certainly a colour I will associate with 2018.
I have been working away on brides ensembles and bringing on new ideas for my 2019 clients.

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