Monday, 23 July 2018

It seems that brides finally get my message, 'go for what suits you and makes you happy pick something special and unique for you.' Instead of following the crowd and wearing the same as someone else it's easier and better to have something especially made for you. Choose your best shape, your best colour and then the detail.

It's even more cost effective as you aren't paying for a dress that's finished and someone has to do extra work to make it fit or gem it so that you can walk in it. Pay once for the job to be done right first time. The other advantage is that if you suddenly decide it suits better to change a bit you can do at the right time.

Watch out for shops who let you get carried away the first day you are out trying on and they rush you into a decision. Enjoy every second of planning your Big Day it's part of your memory if it. If you have a bad experience take care to guard yourself as you really want every second of planning your wedding to be perfect. Don't just say 'that will do' you will regret that. Take your time make sure you are making the right choice for You.

I won't touch dresses from other shops but I will help you with accessories such as shoes, foundation garments, headdresses and veils.

Recently a bride who had been looking for her headdress for over a year, luckily
found me on Instagram and after we meet up and I found out what she was looking for I was able to make it for her. This is the end result.

I was commissioned to do a bespoke veil to match a dress that a Belfast Bride had bought in another shop. It was a Rime Arodaky dress with embroidery work on the sleeves. I was too glad she got me to make it especially for her as just a week before the wedding I saw another bride in the same dress and I was so upset that that could have happened!! At least my bride with her bespoke veil was able to say her veil had been made especially for her and it made her ensemble unique.

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