Thursday, 24 May 2018

My latest thoughts and work

Wow, after all the Royal Wedding excitement I need to settle into my real work. I always have so many ideas and not enough time to get to them all. Flora and fauna being big on my mind at present and the idea of working on some veils to show you the embroidery work I could do. 

I saw this fabulous image 

And loved everything about it. No it wasn't at Chelsea!! It was online and I told the florist that's where she and it should be!! If I truly did have a magic wand , like I tell my flower girls that's where me and my husband would be this week. However I will 'Dare to Dream' as I hope one day to make a point and go back there. For now I will just have to keep an eye on the television. 

This days even though I worry about Facebook and Instagram I can't ignore there presence. I put off using them for as long as possible but realise that to keep in contact with many of you I have to!! Some of you said it was the only way you saw my work. While others of you didn't necessarily bother to look on my blog unless I inspired you to look. Now on Instagram I have a page to inspire you with different embroidery's, in the hope you will have a go yourselves. For me embroidery is a fabulous way of taking time to sit down and think while you are doing something productive. All feedback if interest to me, about anything I try to do. 

Learn to sew with Jo give it a go!!

This is RHS Chelsea's flower if the year!

Thought this was a good idea!

So while I have been watching RHS Chelsea I have been sewing away too. 

Always too many ideas, I will never have nothing to do. 

And I have been thinking about the sad Manchester victims a year on. Nothing like a bee to cheer you up when it's an embroidered one, a real one ( well Prince Harry knows how scary that one is)!!

To make my week complete my bride just sent me some of her photos of her Big Day.


Looks like All the girls had a fun time, don't they look fab? Hope you have had a good week and been out enjoying that sunshine! All comments welcome!!

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