Saturday, 3 June 2017

"Every cloud has a silver lining"

This week I was tired as I had pushed myself the week before for something that I thought I really needed to happen for my husband and I. The pair of us knew the importance of what would give us a break so we as always give it our best shot. The waiting for the results was as exhausting as the work involved in the uphill task. 
In the meantime I heard word that I had been nominated for the Wedding Journal Reader Awards. The nomination was enough to get me through the week but as normal when you are tired the slightest thing can seem impossible. 
Then just as I hit rock bottom and knew I would have to shake myself and get in with it as really no-one had died!! I opened an email that said
"Congratulations, you are one of five finalists for the Wedding Journal Reader Awards 2017 Irish Wedding Dress Designer of the Year!"

Wow that was the last thing in my mind. So you lot out there that somehow took the time to vote for me, don't realise how important your best wishes were to me at that point in time. 
Now I can get up today and get on with my future. Thanks from lifting those grey skies and giving me an umbrella you good people. A Big Thanks. 

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