Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The Silk Road Adenture

What a fabulous programme with Joanna Lumey telling us of her epic, dreamy journey along the ancient trading route. If you haven't been watching it's worth catching up on. 

Sadly some of our Silk Firms that I have got off for years seem to be having to turn their attention to faux silk fabrics and stretchy fabrics to satisfy today's market. There's a fabulous feel and quality when I'm lucky enough to get to use it for my bride's dresses. Silk is actually the most crease resistant natural fabric and can be used with good old Ulster Linen to stop it from creasing as much. 

This time of year we have shows to keep us up to date with the latest trends in fabric from the most classic  of fabrics and laces to the most daring for those who want something different.  As with everything in life you get better quality the more you pay and so we have to cut the cloth to suit the budget. 

While I'm away to find out more, check out the way a silk worm works to produce the finest fabric. It live's off the Mulberry tree it's staple diet, nothing but the best to produce the best. 

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