Saturday, 30 June 2018

Bespoke Bridal

It means having your bridal dress made especially for you. However it doesn't have to mean that it will cost you more than a similar dress that you have seen. Some bridal shops mark up the dress they have brought in three times. This allows me to give you traffic value for money in competition to this. 

It means you can work with me on the things you know you like and want. 

It means we can work together on ideas as your dress shapes up on you. 

It means you can decide on details as your bridal dress is being made. 

It means that your dress is the perfect fit. 

It means that you are not paying someone to take your dress apart to alter it and to put it back together again. 

It means you get exactly what you want. 

It means you worry less as you see it getting better every fitting. 

It means you have no doubts as any doubts are ironed out early on. 

It means everything is perfect by the time it is finished and pressed and ready for your Big Day. 

Say Yes to having your dress custom made for you. 

And have whatever detail you want embroidered on it. 
Or have a plain dress with a bespoke embroidered veil, I love making bespoke bridal veils. ✨

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