Monday, 5 February 2018

It's a Woman's right

100 years ago today Women won the right to Vote. The spirit of the women who fought for the right to vote was rooted in the revolutionary belief that women were not second class citizens, not inferior to men and should not be subordinate to men. We have come some way. We have women in every walk of life influencing the running of the World leading a fine example. 

What interests me more than their politics is what gives them the motivation and encouragement to keep strong. Being comfortable in our own skin is a big part of having courage and commitment. Confidence has to be key and part of that is how we look and how we feel. Your suit of armour is your clothing. Style and personality all important. I appreciate that when a client comes to me for an outfit for a very special occasion the pressure is on me to read the women's personality and create a style that she feels makes her feel at her very best. 

To fight for equality always was, and still is, to confront conventions and the establishment. It’s only women’s persistence and solidarity which makes change.  So if a women wants something different and unconventional I will listen to her thoughts and feelings.   Some days I feel my job is more about psychology than my ability to sew and create for my client. If I do my job right I have a client who once she puts that outfit on it gives her the confidence to go out and enjoy her special day.

We must celebrate the incredible advances previous generations have made. But as we recognise the battles they fought and won, we need to regather our strength and determination for further battles. We can’t stop yet. The job’s not yet done.

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